There are several scenic spots in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where you can take pictures. However, it can be tricky to find photoshoot locations for boudoir photography. I'm listing the best places to take boudoir pictures in Kalamazoo, Michigan, that suit different themes, budgets, and seasons.

Best Places to Take Boudoir Pictures in Kalamazoo, Michigan

The best places to shoot boudoir photos in Kalamazoo include the Urban Warehouse, Black and White Home, The Station, and The Reading Room. For outdoor locations, you may also consider the Chipman Reserve, Kalamazoo Nature Center, Markin Glen County Park, and Kal-Haven Trail State Park.

Woman wearing a criss cross black bra sitting down in a green sofa while posing for a boudoir shoot

You may also choose my Kalamazoo boudoir studio, especially if you prefer a more personalized and comfortable setup for your photoshoot. Photoshoot locations significantly contribute to the beauty of boudoir pictures. Aside from my boudoir photography studio in Kalamazoo, here are other indoor and outdoor areas where you can take boudoir images.

Top Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Kalamazoo

Historically, boudoir photography is done in private spaces. If you want an indoor spot other than a photo studio, your home, or a fancy hotel, these are the best indoor locations for a boudoir shoot in Kalamazoo.

The Reading Room

The concept of boudoir dates back to the 1890s, when women withdrew to a private salon, bedroom, or dressing room. If you want the same vibes for your shoot, The Reading Room in Kalamazoo is the perfect photoshoot location for your boudoir session.

  • Best for: Those who want to add a touch of vintage or retro to their pictures.
  • Best time to book: Any time of the year, although weekdays and off-season dates are preferable.

Urban Warehouse

The Urban Warehouse is a privately-owned building in Kalamazoo and is a hot spot for photography and film shoots. Its derelict charm and abundance of the street give a post-apocalyptic and industrial vibe. This makes it the perfect location for Halloween-inspired boudoir photography ideas or something with an edgy feel.

  • Best for: Those who need lots of colors, brick walls, and street art.
  • Best time to book: Any time of the year, although a few months before Halloween would be great. 

Black and White Home

Most introverts want a private space to avoid getting overwhelmed by noise. If you're an introvert looking for the comfort of a home, the Black and White Home is the perfect location for your boudoir session in Kalamazoo. It's a massive property with modern yet homey features. 

Woman wearing a black dress with a deep neckline with her arms above her head for her boudoir shoot
  • Best for: Those who want a cozy indoor place with nature views.
  • Best time to book: Ideally, during weekdays and off-season dates since the property is in demand for big, special events.

The Station

The Station is a studio space mainly used for dance rehearsals. Easily accessible from Downtown Kalamazoo, this makes it an excellent photoshoot location to show how graceful your body is through dancing and imagery. You can even rent dance clothes here!

  • Best for: Those looking for a dance floor type of studio full of mirrors, barres, and an integrated audio system.
  • Best time to book: During winter when an indoor session is more preferable.

Top Outdoor Photoshoot Locations in Kalamazoo

Nowadays, more people are feeling braver about taking their boudoir photos outdoors. These are among the best places to have a boudoir photography session in Kalamazoo.

Chipman Preserve

The Chipman Preserve is a hilly terrain famous for its trails. As you move along, you'll find several spots to take pictures, including wildflower fields, shady pine forests, savanna restorations, and oak woodlands.

  • Best for: Those who want to bring pops of colors in pictures using flowers.
  • Best time to visit: Spring and summer are the best times to visit the preserve.

Markin Glen County Park

A 10-minute drive from Downtown Kalamazoo, the Markin Glen County Park is another great place for boudoir photoshoots. It has a walking trail lined with flowers that lead to a majestic view of Kalamazoo from the top of a hill.

  • Best for: Those looking for a combination of nature views and sandy beaches.
  • Best time to visit: Spring or summer, when the fields are blooming with flowers.
Woman wearing a peach one piece lingerie with a deep cut neckline sitting down in a white chair while posing for a boudoir shoot

Kalamazoo Nature Center

Studies show that high-quality natural spaces can improve your well-being, especially those with various landscapes and plants that give a sense of serenity. The Kalamazoo Nature Center is the perfect place to take boudoir pictures while relaxing through nature's woodlands, old meadows, wetlands, and foliage.

  • Best for: Those who want an ethereal-themed shoot with lots of flowers and greenery, with the majestic sun in the background.
  • Best time to visit: The Kalamazoo Nature Center is perfect for a fall boudoir session.

Kal-Haven Trail State Park

The Kal-Haven Trail State Park is another favorite among locals for any kind of photography. It's a former railroad track bed converted into a biking and hiking trail. The trail ends on the shores of Lake Michigan, making it the perfect spot for sunset boudoir photos.

  • Best for: Those looking for gorgeous scenery of wooded areas, orchards, and rivers.
  • Best time to visit: Any season, although spring and summer are better times.

Related Questions

Should I Choose a Location First Before Booking a Boudoir Photographer?

You can choose the place first before booking a boudoir photographer if you have a non-negotiable location. However, if you need help finding the perfect place, then it would be much better to consult a Kalamazoo photographer first.

Can Boudoir Photographers Shoot in Any Location I Want?

Most boudoir photographers can shoot in any location as long as it's been properly coordinated. For instance, I allow my clients to choose different locations in Michigan upon consulting with me, especially if this can help them be more comfortable with the shoot.

How Do I Find the Perfect Place to Take Boudoir Photos in Kalamazoo?

To find the perfect place for a boudoir session, make sure to consider your comfort level, budget, and theme. You should also think about the weather, target date, and privacy.


Whether you want a fancy room, an urban warehouse, a nature center, or a county park, there are several spots in Kalamazoo where you can take boudoir pictures. Regardless of your choice, we'll guide you in preparing outfits, choosing locations, and posing for a Kalamazoo boudoir photography shoot.

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