The Best Time of Year for Boudoir Photography in Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Best Time of Year for Boudoir Photography in Grand Rapids

Can't settle on a date for your boudoir shoot? Although you can plan a session at any time, certain seasons enhance the beauty of boudoir photographs. This is why we're sharing the best time of year for boudoir photography in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The Best Time of Year for Boudoir Photography in Grand Rapids

In Grand Rapids, the best seasons for a boudoir shoot include winter, rainy days, and summer. These seasons offer gorgeous lighting and ambiance for your photographs, all in their own unique way. Also, in case you were wondering, we have air-conditioning and heat in the studio, so we’ll always have it comfortable for you! If you want to use your boudoir photos as gifts, you may also consider the months preceding holidays or milestone celebrations.

Boudoir photos are one-of-a-kind portraits. Regardless of the time, we'll focus on showing the beautiful things about you. Here are the times of the year you can consider for a boudoir photoshoot.


Winter is among the best times of the year to shoot boudoir photos in Grand Rapids. You won't have any tan lines or uneven sunburns no matter what you decide to wear, especially if you prefer to go nude.

Grand Rapids experiences a cold season from December to March, with the coldest days occurring in January. Fur coats and thigh-high boots add creativity this time of year without making you appear sweaty in photos.

Rainy Days

You might initially feel anxious when doing boudoir photography. For this reason, our studio works hard to design a space that can help you feel at ease, comfortable, and protected.

Other factors can influence your mood during the shoot. For instance, gloomy weather can provide a soothing environment. Rain forms a sound similar to white noise, which can calm the senses.

Grand Rapids typically experiences rainy weather during the months of March to December. If you enjoy the snug feel of the weather, this is a terrific time to have an indoor boudoir session. You can even use wool blankets and a cup of hot cocoa for that extra cozy moody feel.


Summertime is also a perfect time to schedule a boudoir photoshoot in Grand Rapids. The weather is still pretty warm during June, August, and September. You can pick these months, whether it’s for an outdoor or indoor studio session.

You can choose to do a shoot at a creek, lake, or beach and wear your favorite bikinis. However, know that July is normally the hottest month in Grand Rapids, so consider the temperature if you want to do an outdoor shoot.

Special Occasions

It makes sense if you prefer to unwind at home on your days off, especially if you're busy with housework, a job, or school. When the holidays are around the corner, you may have some extra time to pamper yourself as we slow down during the fall and winter months.

You may even score great lingerie deals and photoshoot promos during such seasons.

  • Valentine's Day: Valentine's Day gifts can either be sweet or steamy. Surprise your partner with a unique set of boudoir photos. It’s best to plan these far in advance. January is too late to receive gifts in time. Consider a shoot from October to December.
  • New Year: Make the coming year about you! Boudoir photography will let you cross items off your bucket list in a captivating manner, whether your New Year resolves to be more daring or you simply want to try something new. January is a great time to set your intention and tone for the year!
  • Christmas: For your special someone this Christmas, create a gift card for their eyes only. They will never anticipate what will be under the Christmas tree for them. It’s best to plan for a session July to September to guarantee holiday delivery. Our album-makers have early cutoffs for production and we want to be sure you have your gifts back in time!

Milestone Celebrations

The body releases endorphins when you celebrate, significantly improving your mood. If you don't take the time to recognize successes or significant anniversaries in your life, you're taking away a positive emotion that enhances your achievement.

A unique way to celebrate such memorable events is to do a boudoir shoot.

  • Pregnancy: What better way to showcase your figure during pregnancy than with a boudoir shoot? Some maternity shots closely relate to boudoir photography because you'll show a lot of skin while wearing sheer clothing. We typically shoot 6-7 months into your pregnancy for comfort and best showing of that baby belly.
  • Wedding: It's becoming more common for some brides to include boudoir sessions before their wedding. This is an excellent way to create sexy and alluring photos with your bridal gown, veil, or garter. Plan to shoot 4-6 months in advance of the big day.
  • Birthdays: Boudoir pictures aren't just for your partner; they're, first and foremost, for yourself. Do something different for your next birthday by capturing your beauty with a boudoir session.
  • Retirement: Women of any age can do a boudoir photoshoot. You may conduct a boudoir session that portrays you as a successful working lady, whether you retire early in your 40s or enjoy your hard work at 60.

Anytime You Want to Celebrate YOU

Six in every 10 women feel negative about their bodies. Instead of comparing yourself to cultural perceptions based on cultural norms, boudoir photography can help you realize who you truly are and all that you offer the world.

Take a moment any time you want and celebrate yourself with a dedicated boudoir photoshoot in Grand Rapids. Do something for yourself every once in a while. It's easy to become preoccupied with daily responsibilities and forget to take time to celebrate oneself.

Related Questions

How Long Does a Boudoir Shoot Last?

A boudoir shoot generally lasts 2-3 hours, possibly longer if you require or need more time to change into multiple outfits or incorporate extra sets. This is dependent on the photography package you choose, though. Remember to factor in the time it will take you to change, do your hair and cosmetics, and compose yourself.

What Should I Wear for My Boudoir Shoot?

It's best to wear lingerie, bra and underwear sets, nighttime clothes, or any intimate apparel you feel comfortable using. You can also consider bringing something personal like your partner's band t-shirt or a jersey. Additionally, you can get creative with accessories such as robes, stockings, garter belts, gloves, hats, or pearl necklaces.

How Can I Prepare My Body for a Boudoir Photoshoot?

Drink plenty of water and get a good night's sleep before your boudoir session to get your body ready. Having a body scrub is another way to treat your body well. Additionally, getting your nails done and waxing your legs, underarms, or bikini lines can prepare your body. Most importantly, we encourage and support you with mentally preparing your mind for the journey of self-love!


My boudoir photography studio in Grand Rapids is ready whenever you are! As a professional boudoir photographer, I'll make sure you have the best experience for your photoshoot, whether you decide to book a session around the holidays or wait for your preferred season in Michigan.

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