Best Time of Year for Boudoir Photography in Lansing, Michigan

Best Time of Year for Boudoir Photography in Lansing, Michigan

Do you have scheduling concerns or can't choose the right time to get yourself photographed? While you can book a boudoir photo session anytime, certain seasons and occasions can make you glow more in the images. We're revealing the best time of year for boudoir photography in Lansing, Michigan.

Best Time of Year for Boudoir Photography in Lansing, Michigan

Winter is the best time of year for a boudoir photoshoot in Lansing, Michigan, because of its ambiance and holidays. However, you can still book a boudoir shoot any time of the year, especially during special occasions and turning points in your life that you want to commemorate.

Boudoir pictures are timeless mementos you can give to yourself. You can consider the different times of the year when scheduling a boudoir session in Lansing, Michigan.

Winter Season

Winter is one of the best seasons to book a boudoir photography session in Lansing. The early sunrise or sunset provides more dramatic lighting. The season also prevents you from becoming sweaty during the shoot.

Lansing typically has its coldest months, from December to March. Now is a fantastic time since you can expose more skin because your body has probably recovered from the sunburns and tan lines from the summer.

Special Occasions

Doing a boudoir photo session is a creative way to celebrate a special occasion in your life in Lansing. These are among the most memorable events throughout the year that you can take advantage of and have beautiful boudoir photos.

  • Birthday: Your birthday is the perfect opportunity to reflect on your journey as you age. Consider the boudoir images as unique gifts to yourself as we shine a light on your raw beauty.
  • Wedding: Whether it's during the engagement shoot or hours before the ceremony, a bridal boudoir session can make you recognize your beauty. It can be part of the celebration, and the pictures would make extraordinary wedding gifts for your partner.
  • Anniversary: Celebrating anniversaries can be a great way to reconnect as a couple. Boudoir photos can spice things up, particularly for long-time wedded couples.
  • Pregnancy or After a Birth: Research shows up to 84% of American women experience body dissatisfaction, which is a risk factor for having low self-esteem. Pregnancy and postpartum body changes can sometimes be overwhelming to some women. Rediscover your body with boudoir photos that show your strength as a woman.
  • Retirement: Preserve your best version, whether you're retiring at 40 or 70. A boudoir shoot isn't just for flaunting curves and smooth skin. Celebrate the wrinkles, stretch marks, and loose skin of aging and retirement.


A holiday is another great time to book a boudoir photo session in Lansing. You have extra days to prepare and pamper yourself before the shoot, especially during long holidays.

Are you looking for a steamy gift for your partner or yourself? You can display and showcase your boudoir images by turning them into Christmas and Valentine's Day gifts.

Meanwhile, the New Year presents a fantastic opportunity to step outside your comfort zone. As the new year begins, say yes to being more courageous and exhibiting radical self-love.

Turning Points in Life

Psychologist Dr. Krystine Batcho says that as you look forward to renewed freedom, you should aspire to discover new dimensions of your ideal self and recover from your past self. Start the next chapter with a clean slate and beautiful boudoir portraits to celebrate it.

  • Breakup: Consider this as revenge boudoir photography, whether you're looking for a way to get back at an ex or want to embrace being single angle. If the breakup makes you doubt yourself, making this bold move can help you take charge of the narrative. You don’t need a significant other, celebrate self-love with a boudoir shoot.
  • Divorce: Do you want to do some soul-searching and move on quickly? Divorce can be a life-altering experience, and you'll grapple with new feelings as you transition. You can rediscover your feminine strength during this period to help reclaim your power.
  • Surviving an illness: After going through a tough time that has affected you mentally, emotionally, and physically, it can be equally difficult to embrace your body's changes again. With boudoir photos, you can reintroduce yourself and make a fresh start in life.

Anytime You Want to Celebrate and Reclaim Your Sexuality

The beauty of boudoir photography is that you don't have to wait for anything to book a session. You don’t need to find any other reason to book a boudoir shoot, anytime you want to look and feel incredible and are ready to reclaim your sexuality, you're welcome to come to our studio and have an empowering personal experience through boudoir photos.

Sex therapist and relationship counselor Cyndi Darnell says that the body is your physical expression of emotions. Once you know more about your body on a deeper level, the more you get to love it more. Cherish every part of yourself through meaningful storytelling using boudoir pictures.

You don't have to wait to lose weight or learn how to pose. As a professional boudoir photographer who has worked with hundreds of clients in Michigan, I know how to guide you in posing, use lighting to accentuate your features, and retouch images.

Related Questions

What Time of the Day Should You Schedule a Boudoir Shoot in Lansing?

The best time of the day to schedule a boudoir shoot in Michigan is during the golden hour because of the sun's magical glow. However, you can still choose another time that suits your schedule.

How Do You Prepare for a Boudoir Shoot in Michigan?

When preparing for a boudoir photoshoot in Michigan, moisturize your body, eat a light meal, and bring props for the boudoir shoot and the outfit you want to use. Even though it's simple to get to my boudoir photography studio in Kalamazoo, give yourself plenty of travel time so you can relax before the shoot.


Although you can book a boudoir shoot in Lansing at any time, some seasons and situations make it extra special. Get on the booking calendar, and let's start your journey to flaunting your natural beauty! Pick any time you want this year and enjoy a dedicated boudoir photoshoot in Lansing.

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