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Meet Betsy McCue, Your Professional Boudoir Photographer in Michigan


I've been a professional photographer for nearly two decades, but I have reinvented myself and my boudoir photography studio in Mid-Michigan to reflect what I believe is my true purpose on this planet.

After going through a significant life change in 2016 when I lost my life & business partner, I learned how precious life could be. Taking time to heal and work on myself, I traveled the world with my camera shooting for myself for a year. I've brought many lessons about getting in touch with myself during that time into a unique photo journey for my clients.

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Laura, repeat client

Every time I look at my photos, I am in awe! Initially, I can't believe it's me, but then I recognize myself and I am like 'DAMN, GIRL. You look like fire!' 

They remind me that I am allowed to take up space and I WILL TAKE UP SPACE.

Since my session, I stand taller, my shoulders are back, and my butt sashays when I walk! I feel like I am a Cracker Jack surprise to those who see me. Others may not think I'm much, but they will soon learn not to underestimate me or they will miss out!

“I feel empowered to a level now where I say 'I own it without apologies!'

I am on a brand new transformational journey from here onwards. I feel seen heard, and so much more.

I've been experiencing a shift since my session. It's a trickle effect that continues to inspire me and support me in my expansion as a deep thinking empath.

Talk to Betsy and Jax. Let them know your inhibitions, concerns, fears, or doubts. Share how you envision yourself in the photographs, and don't let your self doubt keep you from exploring this experience!”


So many people say, 'Oh, maybe when I lose those extra 20 pounds, or when I’m less busy and have more time.'

I absolutely love all of my photos! If I had to describe a favorite (hard to choose!) from my session, it be the one where my arms are wrapped around myself in a big hug. In a nutshell, it exemplifies one important result of the photoshoot——to remember about self-love, genuinely loving yourself just as you are. 

The range of emotions and looks that Betsy captured and the story she told was incredible!”

say yes to you in a beautiful, caring, and loving way

“To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.”

-robert morely

i'm ready

Roberta Van Harn
Roberta Van Harn
This was such an amazing experience. Between the pampering to do my hair and makeup and the easiness and compassion Betsy showed during my shoot I couldn’t have asked for it to go any better Then when I got to look at my pictures it was like I was picking them out with my best friend. Not only were my pictures amazing, the feeling of self-worth I experienced was completely priceless Can’t wait to do it again in July ‘23!!!
Katie Hanfland
Katie Hanfland
Betsy and Jax are amazing! After my first phone call with Jax, I knew I needed to do this. She walked me through the entire process, told me what to expect, how to prepare, etc. On the day of my shoot, I was received by Betsy with a warm welcome. Nicole was amazing with hair and makeup and made me feel like a Hollywood movie star. The entire day was focused on me and how I was doing. I'm such a conservative person and I felt 100% at ease. Betsy constantly checked in with me and made sure I was comfortable in every way. On my reveal day, I was blown away at how amazing the photos were. Betsy is a true artist. I wanted a trinket for my husband to open for Christmas and she made it happen in such a short period of time. The look on my husband's face when I saw my gift was priceless. Completely worth it! I cannot wait to schedule again. Highly recommend.
Erin Corey
Erin Corey
Betsy is amazing at what she does! She and Jax have a whole process that helps prepare you to have the best session. I am sooo happy with my photos, Betsy made the session comfortable and easy, she is amazing at posing, and willing to try any ideas. Nicole did a fantastic job with my hair and make up as well. If you are on the fence about doing a session, just do it! You will not be disappointed.
Salina L. Johnson
Salina L. Johnson
Firstly, Betsy and Jax are absolutely AMAZING people. Down to earth, relatable, inspiring women. They communicated all expectations, payment options, and the process very well beforehand. The intro process before the photoshoot was deep and full of self reflection. I believe this helped me to connect with Betsy during my shoot. Every vision I and for the shoot, Betsy helped me to bring to life. They turned out even better than I imagined! Whatever package you're thinking of, go bigger! It is worth every dime of the investment into YOURSELF!
Jessica Gasper
Jessica Gasper
Absolute gem of a human that makes ART of her subjects. The outcome is worth every uncomfortable position. Dive in to the process. You will be amazed at the results. Betsy, I will never forget this experience and I hope to do it again sometime!!!
teresa obrien
teresa obrien
I wasn’t sure about doing this I thought being plus size there is no way. Let me tell you the time that is spent on yourself is so worth it. The process is so easy they walk you through everything. You come up with a plan. You make an idea board. Then the day comes you are greeted by Betsy (she is very welcoming), you start with makeup and hair they do what you want. Then it time for pictures you go with Betsy. It is just amazing while she takes your pictures. Betsy is reassuring, professional. Betsy makes you feel like you’re 1 in a million. She devotes her time to your session like you’re the only thing that matters at this time. If you’re on the fence do it you will not regret it at all. I would recommend Betsy McCue Boudoir Photography to anybody looking to do this. I got my pictures and they are amazing!! Betsy is very fun and relaxing while you do your pictures she will have you laughing and relaxed!! You will feel so confident, beautiful and worthy.
1st boudoir shoot and it was AMAZING! The makeover was very pampering, Betsy coached me threw everything, and my photos are beautiful! Highly recommended
I highly recommend Betsy and team!! My entire photo shoot has been amazing from beginning to end. Jax was amazing and informative of the steps leading up to photo day, hair and makeup were incredible, and wow the whole day spent with Betsy taking my photos!!!! I just can’t say enough, everyone deserves to treat themselves to a boudoir photo shoot. I previewed my photos and had such a hard time narrowing them down. Thank you so much, Betsy you have an amazing talent!!
Andia Welford
Andia Welford
The comfort and professionalism is outstanding. Betsy and her team have a way to help you channel your inner GODDESS. I loved every minute from hair and makeup to posing for pictures with the direction of Betsy!
Mia Miles
Mia Miles
Betsy is amazing! She did a photoshoot of my husband and put my favorite pictures in a Viewmaster. Such a cute idea! I loved so many of the pictures I ended up asking for two different Viewmasters! She was so fun and uplifting to talk to when we went through the pictures together. I would definitely recommend her.