How to Pick a Lansing Boudoir Photographer

How to Pick a Lansing Boudoir Photographer

Booking the right boudoir photographer ensures you receive quality photos and the best shoot experience. Like when shopping for a new dress, you need to pay attention to certain details when looking for boudoir photographers. We're giving pointers on how to pick a Lansing boudoir photographer to make your experience worthwhile.

How to Pick a Lansing Boudoir Photographer

When selecting a boudoir photographer from Lansing, you should consider their experience, portfolio, editing style, setting, personality, pricing, product offerings, and reviews. Character and expertise determine whether the photographer can fulfill your vision. Meanwhile, the product offerings and pricing can affect your investment.

Since there are a number of factors you need to weigh in, we're going to look deeper into how you can pick the right Lansing boudoir photographer for your shoot.

Virtually visit the Studio

Photographers with a local studio can save you time, energy, and expenses. My studio in Lansing is accessible to customers anywhere in Michigan. You can visit our studio online to see general setups and feel the surroundings.

You can also check out our photos on our website and social media for ideas of backgrounds, props, or wardrobe you would like to bring and include in the session.

Make Inquiries

Research supports that how a person makes others feel is part of their personality. Inquiring about the shoot is another effective way of picking boudoir photographers. You can do this by calling our studio in Lansing, sending an email, or scheduling a call.

  • Does the studio manager listen to you when ask questions? 
  • Do they respond to your emails in a timely manner?
  • Does the project manager provide polite responses to your inquiries?
  • Does the photographer pay attention to your ideas and limitations?

Due to the intimate nature of boudoir photography, you should feel at ease around the people who will be with you throughout the session.

Check the Photographer's Expertise

Looking into a photographer's experience is among the best ways to make a decision. The photoshoot aesthetic, portfolio, and editing abilities demonstrate how much effort photographers put into their work.

  • Photography style: Is the photographer's style fun and vibrant or mysterious yet glamorous? Most photographers can accommodate a specified theme, yet selecting one that fits your personality will make it simpler to execute your thoughts. Do their photos make you FEEL something? Do you see a nice variety of shots or the same thing over and over again?
  • Equipment: Does the photographer have the necessary lighting equipment for your desired effect? Is the photographer using a professional camera and lens? The gear can also influence a boudoir photographer's quality of work.
  • Portfolio: Do they have any examples of their work in their portfolio? Has the photographer tried taking pictures at your favorite spot or in a studio? Check if any of your choices have images that fit your vision.
  • Post-processing: Professional photographers use a variety of photo editing techniques. Some like to keep the colors as they are, while others add some alterations and color-changing filters. Choose boudoir photographers whose final adjustments will improve the images without drastically altering your appearance.

Compare Product Offerings

One of the most important factors to take into account when hiring a boudoir photographer in Lansing is the service inclusion and product choices.

This lets you know if you can make the most of your booking and investment or pre-payment. For instance, we offer in-house ordering, whether it's for prints or digital copies. Aside from this, you should also talk about these services.

  • Does the package include prints or only soft digital copies?
  • How many retouched images will you get? Can you request major photo manipulations? Is there a cost for that?
  • Is there an online gallery or do you need to pay for a flash drive?
  • What is the difference in hours between the basic and premium packages?
  • Which packages include professional hairstyling and makeup?
  • Are the props free of charge?
  • How many setups can the studio prepare?

Read Reviews and Feedback

Check the review section of a boudoir photographer's social media profile or website. The feedback section is one of the best places to read authentic customer experiences while spotting red flags.

About 84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal suggestions. These are some of the comments you can consider.

  • What are customers saying about their experience at the studio?
  • Are there customers who complain about a particular product or service?
  • Are there differences in treatment based on age, race, or gender expression?
  • How does the photographer transform a client's vision or requests?

Consider the Rates

Remember that you'll be mostly paying for the photographer's experience. However, you must balance cost and quality. If the rate is too good to be true, be cautious as the low rates may compromise the output. And do you want to get naked and vulnerable in front of low-cost photographer??

It doesn't necessarily mean you should go for the most expensive ones. You can normally gauge if the rates reflect well on the photos and customer experience.

Ask if they offer a full-service rate and if you can add a la carte products to your booking. Be wary of fees for out-of-town shoots, hourly extensions, and use of wardrobe.

Related Questions

What Questions Should I Ask My Boudoir Photographer?

When negotiating or planning with boudoir photographers, ask how you should prepare for the shoot, who will guide you, and whether studio staff will be present during the session. Be sure to inquire about the privacy policies of the images, especially since most of them would feature you in intimate clothing. We offer a range of options for sharing.

How Do I Pick Outfits for a Boudoir Shoot?

Think of wearing skin-baring, curve-hugging attire for a boudoir shoot. You can use lace bras, corsets, robes, slip dresses, or bodysuits. You may also consider oversized pieces such as blazers, your partner's shirt, or cardigans.

What Should I Eat Before My Boudoir Photography Session?

It's best to eat fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and lean meat before a boudoir photoshoot to minimize bloating while ensuring you get protein and fat for energy. Don't starve your body to look toned, as you would want the photos to reflect yourself as much as possible. These sessions take a lot of energy!


It's essential to consider expertise, location, and service inclusion when looking for boudoir photographers. We hope this article can make the process of choosing your boudoir photographer easier. If you're ready to experience the wonders of boudoir photography in Lansing, we'll gladly answer your questions and give you the best photoshoot packages and experience possible!

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