Reclaim the REAL YOU as you explore your individuality & sensuality in a transformative boudoir photo shoot.

learn to take up the space you deserve, unapologetically.

from our happy transformed clients

“This experience with Betsy has been like stretching out on a thin limb, but after letting go and trusting her to capture the real me, it has been, singularly, the kindest thing I've ever done for myself.”

— Rochelle, Michigan boudoir photography client

Explore your Individuality

Our Signature Grit&Grace
Boudoir Sessions include:

We celebrate your beauty, both inside and out! We love showcasing your personality. Our boudoir photography studio is a safe place to express, explore, and play!

Our unique boudoir self-love journey offers long-lasting benefits that will add value to your life. The pre-session journey prepares you mentally, emotionally, and logistically for your session. We support you throughout your journey so that you're ready to DO THIS!

The day of your session, you'll be pampered with professional hair & makeup as well so that you walk into your shoot confidently.

Once we're in the studio, you'll be coached and posed by Master Artist, Betsy, as we focus on showing you all the beautiful things INSIDE you because that is what makes you YOU and endears you to those around you.

This is more than pretty pictures! This is a rare opportunity to see how you carry those traits every day in the world!

Become More Daring.

You'll walk out of our studio with a renewed sense of self-assuredness, with images and prints that revitalize your confidence every day.

Love Every Inch of Your Body & Being

Despite western society's standards of beauty, we believe sexiness comes from within. Remember that boudoir photography is a self-love journey, so this is the perfect time to appreciate everything about you that the world sees every day!


IT’S TIME to transform & see your full self through a life-changing boudoir photography experience.

let's do this

Meet Betsy—Your artist, Professional Boudoir Photographer & cheerleader

My name is Betsy and I’m a professional Boudoir Photographer & a Master in the Art of Emotion photo coaching. I'm based in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I have been a photographer for 17 years and intimate portraiture is the most powerful portrait work that I have done in all that time. I know that this is truly my purpose on this planet!

I am absolutely thrilled to share our unique self-love-focused boudoir experience with you. I was widowed in my early 40s and boudoir became an important part of my healing as I worked to rediscover who I was as an individual, embrace where I was in life, move with confidence into the next chapter, learn to love myself, and even find love again. To say that it was transformational, is a massive understatement!

Wherever you are on your journey, I promise that this experience will be fun, fulfilling, and transformational for you in whichever way you need it most. The REVOLUTION is within you...and I want to bring it out! Join me on a fun and incredible adventure.

I can’t wait to meet you and see (and FEEL) the magic we create together.

Say YES to Body Positivity and Self-Love Today.

My Boudoir Photography Mission & commitment

I’ve been on the self-exploration journey and done the work that many of my clients embark on. Through my personal work on rebuilding myself and my life after loss, I have learned many ways to love and celebrate myself, my womanhood, and the present moment.

My life experiences have given me a truly unique perspective on how I see the light. Finding the light in the darkness is part of how I'm wired now, and boudoir photography is my tool to illustrate where they intersect and exist in a delicate balance to communicate the human experience. The Italians have a phrase, “la vita e bella” which means life is beautiful—in all the bittersweet parts that make it up. Without shadow, the light cannot exist...

Remember, this is ALL about you. I can’t wait to meet you and see (and FEEL) the magic we create together.

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Learn to love yourself more through a unique photo experience that is so much more than just pretty pictures.

Say YES to YOU! It’s your time to shine!

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What's included in Signature GRIT&GRACE Boudoir Session

Pre-session Prep & Homework

Professional Guidance on Clothing & Posing

Before we do the actual shoot, we provide tools to help you prepare emotionally, mentally, and logistically! We want to hear about your ideas too. Bring out your Pinterest vision board or journal notes, and we will brainstorm to craft the perfect concept for your session. This is no cookie-cutter approach here. The pre-shoot consultation will help you feel prepared and more excited for your boudoir session.

You'll also be pampered with hair & makeup the day of your shoot. It's all part of the experience!

We have a Client Guide complete with suggested sites for wardrobe options. You don't really need much! We recommend 2-3 outfits and they don't have to all be lingerie. In fact, we love variety of looks and feels! If you're doing the sheets or your birthday suit, that is already an outfit 🙂

The day of your session, I'll coach you with authentic body language guidance, facial expressions, and even breathing! As a professionally-trained boudoir photographer, it's my job to make you feel safe so that you can get lost in yourself. This is where the true magic happens!

Judgement-free Zone

Learn the Importance of Making Time for Yourself

The pre-session journey is equally vital as the shoot, so we'll give you lots of tips on how to pamper yourself before the shoot to feel excited! Whether it's a spa day or day-off at home to read your favorite book, we encourage you to take a breather so your body and mind will be more relaxed for the shoot. The homework our clients do, helps train your brain on ways to think more positively about yourself, celebrate YOU, and get more deeply connected with your being in so many ways.

It is NOT our job to tell you how to feel about your body. We have clients who want to embrace their bodies in all the ways, celebrating stretch marks, scars, and the changes of life. We have others who ask to be photographed in a body-conscious style. We each hold a different space for that relationship with self. You see, you always have full agency here. We want to remind you that this is your experience and personal journey.

it's time for a self-love revolution

boudoir is for every body. If you have a body, this is for you!

What I love about boudoir photography is that it's for everybody (and EVERY BODY!) who wants to have a one-of-a-kind experience that teaches us to love and appreciate ourselves more each day. My unique emotive style of coaching will help us create meaningful photographs through body language, facial expressions, and even BREATHING that you will feel and experience like no other.

This journey is so much more than just pretty our reviews and you'll see!

My focus will be unleashing your inner beauty and providing an unforgettable experience that you will carry forward with you in many ways, in all aspects of your life.

I want to see myself in all the ways, please

“I’m going to start a gallery wall strictly dedicated to my booty thanks to Betsy”

Jax, boudoir-addicted client, transformed into studio manager

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