4 More Lessons From Living in the Now: Chasing the White Rabbit {PT 2 of 2}

4 More Lessons From Living in the Now: Chasing the White Rabbit {PT 2 of 2}

Chasing the White Rabbit…4 lessons from living in the NOW

Hi there! 

Have you been finding new ways to be more present since my first share with tips for living in the NOW? 

Click here for a refresher 🙂 

Today I wanted to share four bonus lessons that I took away from learning to live in the NOW and how they made me better at my job and life. I affectionately call these days that I’d step out my front door and explore the world one step at a time Chasing the White Rabbit. Obviously I was a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland as a child. Treating each day as a choose your own adventure brings unexpected gifts. 🙂 

  1. A change in scenery taught me to live each day to the fullest because everything was new and needed to be explored. Distance helped me discover what I wanted to give to others in life and in my business.
    I had a rare opportunity to take a break from my business (okay, it was kind of forced on me, but ya know…) and reevaluate my place in it and how it serves others. I’ve always known I needed a higher meaning or calling in my work. Weddings had a built-in profoundness to them because it’s a milestone event. I figured out that learning to live in the present helped develop my spidey-sense of micro-moments which tied into living each day to the fullest and celebrating life. That became the foundation of the new of Betsy McCue Pictures because I feel strongly that this gift is worth sharing with others. What better way to do that than through my photography and writing? My Life Documentary sessions are ALL ABOUT celebrating the beauty of everyday life. I hope that being in the present becomes a meaningful takeaway that my clients can apply to their everyday lives.
  2. Travel helped me find something that was mine and allowed my inner artist voice to bubble up to the surface. I needed this so much! I spontaneously introduced myself as an artist when I was living in Berlin for 5 weeks. To be honest, it just fell out of my mouth before I could catch it! But I think it came out because I finally believed it about myself. I had been traveling for almost two months, writing and shooting every day. I spent days upon days upon days walking around by myself and finding things that piqued my curiosity and interest. I wanted to dissect what I saw on the surface and explore it on a deeper level through either my lens or pen and paper. Anything I created or shared at this point was mine and mine alone, which was huge for me. I learned to appreciate that my point of view is unique and like no one else’s because of my life experiences and way of thinking. The same goes for you! 🙂
  3. Instilled confidence. You know when you develop a muscle or a skill and then you just keep repeating it over and over again, creating that muscle memory? Shooting is the same thing! I already had the skills, but I have never had the opportunity in my busy life to shoot every single day for so many days in a row. I learned to put myself first and that was a huge lesson in life. It’s astounding how much confidence this repetitive action of daily existence created in my skills, subject matter, and voice. I didn’t need a jump start each time I picked up my camera. I just picked up where I left off the day before or I opened my front door to simply see where the day led me. I wandered the streets alone—just me and my camera. It truly became an extension of me in every way possible. 
  4. Confirmation that this is one of my main purposes on this earth. When you know your why, everything else starts to make sense! After a lot of soul-searching and questioning, I became resolute that utilizing the talents I’ve been given is not optional. It’s part of why I’m alive and here. It’s something that deeply connects me with others. I feel it pulsing through my veins and I know it’s a calling I have to answer. It’s really just a matter of how I do it. 

What are you doing to Chase the White Rabbit?? Wanna give it a try? These are some questions to ask yourself as you choose your own adventure… 

  1. What do you feel like doing right now? 
  2. What kind of food do you want right now? 
  3. What’s one thing you want to do today? Everything else is gravy.
  4. Ok, you don’t feel like doing what you planned. What would you rather do right now? 
  5. What will bring happiness to you right now? 

I want to learn more about your world. I am curious about what you love about your life, your rituals, and your existence.  

Come along on the journey as we celebrate everyday life together. 

I want to coach you on how to slow down, stop time, and appreciate this very moment in time. 

Hope to see your corner of the world soon. And don’t forget to Chase that White Rabbit soon. I think it will make you feel very very alive. Give it a try! And when you do, I’d love to hear about it. I’m excited to hear about your adventures! 



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