Beauty/Branding/Boudoir Portraits

The Trifecta Portrait

  • Want to feel like a supermodel rockstar?
  • When was the last time you got an updated headshot?
  • Are you boudoir-curious but not sure you’re ready to go all in?
  • Do you exist in photos or have you managed to avoid being seen?

What is the TRIFECTA PORTRAIT series?

This is where beauty, branding, and boudoir intersect. It’s the perfect option for boudoir-curious and those ready to start dabbling in the world of self-discovery.

We’ll create a variety of meaningful and beautiful imagery that fit all parts of your life. Share powerful photos brimming with personality with family, friends, and the world at large for a greater picture of who you are.

Let’s embrace it all as you learn to really love who you are and see yourself through a more accepting lens.

I meet you where you’re at. Here to support you every step of the way, we go at your level of comfort—whether you’re ready to dip your toes in slowly or don your birthday suit freely!

We don’t fit into little boxes—you are allowed to be ALL the things.

I have decades of experience photographing 1000’s of women (with and without their clothes on!) through authentic and storytelling imagery that shows you the beautiful things you are—inside and out.

This is more than just a series of poses. I guide you through the experience with my unique emotive coaching style which involves feeling more than thinking, intentional body language, breathing, and expressions that reconnect you to yourself in deeper ways than the average portrait. It’s a GAMECHANGER!!

You’ll explore all the aspects of your femininity, power, and individuality here in a safe place, fully supported by my expertise and caring spirit. Experience a whole new level of freedom, self-expression, acceptance, and confidence that results in gorgeous art that shows you what the world sees in you every day. AND, you’ll enjoy a variety of powerful images you can share in all parts of your life!

You have permission to tell your story: the good, the bad, and the badass.

Your entire being is welcome here.

What does the TRIFECTA PORTRAIT experience look like?

This is the PERFECT option for those who aren’t quite ready for the deep-dive of our Signature GRIT&GRACE Boudoir Experience. Maybe…
  • This is the very first step in your self-love journey
  • You’re looking for a variety of images you can use throughout your personal and professional life
  • You’ve been working on yourself and are on the brink of a new chapter and in search of a boost to catapult you

Part 1: Mini Branding shoot

You’ll start the day at the studio being pampered with professional hair and makeup. This is a great tool for mentally prepping you before you get in front of the camera. We’ll get you comfortable with a little pep talk before we get started so I have a better understanding of where you’re at that day. 


We’ll jump into a mini branding session that will help you embrace your power and take up space in this world. Daytime, work, or casual attire is perfect! 

Part 11: Mini Beauty Shoot

Now that you’re warmed up, we’ll move into a mini beauty session that’ll make you feel like the ROCKSTAR you are. Bring something that makes you feel like a supermodel: a gown, cocktail dress, or sassy outfit for a night on the town. What speaks to you— classic elegance, edgy high-fashion, or rockstar vibes? 

Part 111: Mini Boudoir Shoot

We’ll finish up your experience with a mini intimate portrait session embracing your feminity, sensuality, and personality. You can hop in the sheets for some implied nudes or bring a favorite lingerie piece that taps into your inner vixen! 

If you’re still not feeling quite ready for boudoir, you can swap out this portion for more of an editorial fine art shoot in the Black Box or add more time, variety, and outfits to the Branding and Beauty portions of your session. No problem!

Trifecta Portraits

As you can see, with the TRIFECTA PORTRAITS, you’ll have a variety of images you can use EVERYWHERE!
  • Social media profiles and posts
  • Dating site profiles
  • Website
  • Email signature
  • Business page or group page banner
  • Business card: make it personal and show your face!
  • Printed marketing materials
  • Print some for your kids and loved ones—they need those memories of you!
  • Share some with your BAE and keep them handy for a personal boost on those days you need it!

The best in Kalamazoo Boudoir Photography

Photography infused with intention, heart, and soul that brings out your true self.

Life unfolds breath by breath…

Photos that define who you are with depth, meaning, and reflect the glimmers along the way.


Happy Clients

We deeply value the genuine relationships we build with our photography clients.


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