Grounding Yourself in the Present—an Exercise in Gratitude (Free Worksheet!)

Grounding Yourself in the Present—an Exercise in Gratitude (Free Worksheet!)

How do we ground ourselves in the present and mark this moment in time for what it is? 

Hey friend— 

Life feels like it’s been turned upside down the past few weeks, doesn’t it? It’s a lot to take in! Here’s a little love note to remind you that we are in this together

Over the years, I’ve shared my highs and lows. And truly, it’s been my privilege serving you. Thank you for being part of my life!

But right now…it’s not about me. It’s about YOU, friend. I want you to know I’m here to support you and help you embrace this thing called LIFE (h/t Prince). 

I’ve been thinking long and hard on how to serve my community during strange and uncertain times. I came up with something I hope you find helpful and inspiring. 

And you know what I love most about this? It’s inspired by your life. 

I’ve created a unique worksheet that includes the same kind of exercises and homework we do for my signature Life Documentary sessions. I thought these would be helpful right now as we’ve all been forced to slow down from our usual mach-speed lives. There is comfort in grounding ourselves in experiences, rituals, moments, and most importantly—gratitude.  

You see, the only thing we are guaranteed in life is the PRESENT MOMENT. When you slow down and appreciate every aspect of the moment you’re living, you can foster an appreciation for something you might take for granted.

I invite you to take inventory of your life right now at this unique moment in time. How is your life in different than a month ago? What has brought you together during this time? Have you been contemplating life & new possibilities ahead as an individual, couple, or family? 

You can complete it individually or together (or both!). Grab a tall one and get curious. Let your mind wander. Get lost in the present and consider what your ideal life may look like on the other side of this all. 

I also encourage you to end each day with three moments or experiences you’re grateful for (or one if that feels daunting!). You see, if we look for the brief glimpses of light in the darkness, we might be surprised at what we can find. 

I’m inviting you leave a comment below and tell ME something. Got a story to share? I’d love to know more about your corner of the world at this unique moment in time. Just wanna say “hi”? Say, “Hi!”. 

Take good care of yourself and love on your people—they’re everything. 

I’m sitting on the edge of my seat ‘cuz I’m SO excited to hear from you. 

Remember—we’re in this together. <3 

xoxo, Betsy

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