Be Your Authentic Self—Ways to Love Yourself

5 Reasons Why You Don’t Need to Change Your Body Before Your Session

My clients are strong. They’re sexy. They’re badass. But even the most empowered woman can experience feelings of self-doubt when she’s decided to bare it all in a Boudoir session. Trust me, I know because I’ve been on the other side of the camera too.

The most important thing to remember is that a Boudoir session gives you the opportunity to create one-of-a kind art that captures and celebrates YOU exactly as you are at this moment in time. But what if there’s a part of you that, while you accept and love it, you don’t exactly want to highlight in your photos? 

Let me tell you what you shouldn’t do. Don’t stress about losing weight. Don’t worry about the wrinkles that appear around your eyes when you smile. Don’t wish you were taller, or thinner, or younger, or anything other than what you are. Because I never expect you to be anything that you’re not. But I DO want you to feel as confident and empowered as possible and that’s where my signature pre-session journey coupled with the magic of the technical elements of photography come into play.

Professional Hair and Makeup Services

When is the last time you gave yourself a gift of self-love? When is the last time you put YOURSELF first and enjoyed a little pampering? Kicking off your session with hair and makeup is the perfect way to boost your self-confidence. My team of professional hair and makeup artists have an inexplicable way of understanding exactly how you aim to look even if you’re not entirely sure yourself. Knowing that you look beautiful will give you a feeling of confidence that will shine through in your photos.


You know that feeling when you’re wearing a killer outfit and you just feel damn sexy? That’s what we strive for during your session. In order to achieve the perfect look we’ll collaborate with a pre-shoot wardrobe consultation and a secret Pinterest board where you can save your favorite boudoir outfits. You’ll bring plenty of options to our Grand Rapids boudoir studio so that we can determine the best lingerie (or not) for your body and vision.

For example, if your tummy area isn’t a part of your body you want to show off, then we’ll opt for high-waisted panties or a corset. Or if you’d like your legs to appear longer in photos, we’ll try a high-cut bodysuit. And if lingerie just isn’t your thing, that’s not a problem. Some of my clients go for pieces they’re most comfortable in like a leather jacket, a sassy t-shirt, a cocktail dress, or even their favorite jeans with a sexy top or bralette.


If you think hair and makeup and a sexy wardrobe aren’t enough to convince you that you’re beautiful, then the right pose will do the trick. During our time together, I’ll walk you through posing in such a natural way that you’ll forget the camera is even there. We’ll sing, we’ll dance, we’ll laugh…and we’ll end up with photos that show exactly how fierce and powerful you truly are. Some of my favorite shots are those that highlight a specific area of your body that you love such as your strong calves, your sculpted back, or even a collar bone. Bet you didn’t know a collar bone was so sexy, did ya?!


After years of photographing women, I’ve learned how to use light to my advantage to show off those curves and muscles you didn’t even know you had. Sometimes I like natural light to highlight your softer, feminine side. Other times call for bright lighting to showcase your bold, raw beauty. And there’s nothing like a classic black and white photo to celebrate your timelessness.

Photo Editors

When it comes to retouching your images, I make as few edits as possible because the goal is to capture you as you are at this moment in time, imperfections and all. Your natural beauty is unique and it’s worth being celebrated. Of course we can retouch to soften skin and more, but when you look back on these photos in twenty years, you’ll be thankful that we stayed true to who you are right now. FYI, 90% of my clients don’t ask for any retouching at all!

If you’ve been thinking about a GRIT&GRACE Boudoir session, but are waiting to change your appearance—STOP MAKING EXCUSES. You deserve this gift of empowerment and you deserve it NOW. This experience is so much more than photos. Find out more by getting in touch with me. I’ll walk you through how it all works!

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