Best Places to Take Pictures in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids is home to several picturesque spots in Michigan, from beautiful woods to luxurious hotels. However, finding shooting locations for a boudoir session other than studios can be tricky. We’re listing a guide on the best places to take pictures in Grand Rapids for your boudoir shoot.

The best places to take boudoir photos in Grand Rapids include the Amway Grand Plaza, The Lafayette House, the Lions & Rabbits Center for the Arts, Lake Michigan, and Riverside Park. However, you may also consider photography studios, such as my Kalamazoo boudoir studio, if you want a more personalized setup for your shoot.

Historically, the concept of boudoir photography relates to a woman withdrawing to her private salon to be alone with her thoughts. At present, you won’t have to limit yourself to photoshoot locations. These places will help bring out the charm in your boudoir images.

Top Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Grand Rapids

Throughout history, boudoir photography focuses on pictures taken in a private space. If you prefer somewhere other than your home or a photography studio, these are among the best indoor locations for a boudoir shoot in Grand Rapids.

Amway Grand Plaza

The historic Amway Grand Plaza boasts a 29-story glass tower, original iron architecture, and residentially styled guest rooms. It has luxurious rooms that best suit pin-up-inspired boudoir shoots, as well as contemporary designs for modern-day boudoir storytelling.

Since it’s located near Downtown, you can walk around the vicinity if you want a family or a couple’s photoshoot before or after your boudoir session.

  • Best for: Individual or couple boudoir photoshoots where you want a fancy bedroom or bathroom for steamy portraits.
  • Best time to book: Any time of the year. The great thing about choosing a hotel is that you have more leeway in selecting the time and date. Consider booking for special occasions or holidays.

The Lafayette House

Located in the city’s heart, The Lafayette House Bed & Breakfast Homestayoffers spacious rooms decorated by local artists. Each room has a private bath and king or queen-sized beds.

It also offers a full-service breakfast, making it the perfect place to stay during your shoot. Interior designer Carolyn DiCarlo says that spaces affect people’s moods. With an indoor boudoir shoot, you’ll have more control over the setup and privacy, making you feel more comfortable posing.

  • Best for: Antique, retro, or vintage-style individual boudoir sessions.
  • Best time to book: During the cold season. You can book a boudoir shoot any time of the year, although it would be challenging to do an outdoor shoot during winter. The house has heated floors, so you can take your time standing near the windows or bed for your poses.
Woman wearing a black one piece lingerie with strappy sides while posing in front of a door for her boudoir shoot

Lions & Rabbits Center for the Arts

The Lions & Rabbits Center for the Arts is a community space filled with lively art that would make an excellent background for whimsical and aesthetic boudoir shoots. The space usually comes decorated with paintings and murals, so you won’t have to worry about setups.

It also functions as a gallery and event space. For this reason, you can consider the center an all-in-one venue for weddings, especially if you want to do a bridal boudoir first.

  • Best time to book: Any time of the year, although it’s advisable to set an appointment early since the center hosts several art events every year.
  • Best for: Art lovers who want to incorporate locally-produced paintings and other art installations.

Top Outdoor Photoshoot Locations in Grand Rapids

Who says a boudoir is for indoors only? If you’re feeling gutsier, I also found the most majestic outdoor locations for Grand Rapids boudoir photography.

Lake Michigan

If you want to show the charm of Michigan in your boudoir images, then Lake Michigan is the perfect spot for your photo session.

We can shoot during the golden hours to let the sunrise or sunset radiate beautiful, warm lighting on you. This is a great chance to include poses and angles involving water.

  • Best for: Nature lovers who want to include hues of greens and blues in their pictures.
  • Best time to visit: Lake Michigan is an excellent location for a summer boudoir session.

Riverside Park

Riverside Park in Grand Rapids is a hundred-acre park in the Creston neighborhood that offers several picturesque spots for a boudoir session. While it can be challenging to wear skimpy or more revealing clothes, your lace or silk clothing would look striking against the textures of the scenery.

You can even save time by maximizing the duration of your stay by trying out the trails and picnic shelters. From strolling or breathing in the fresh air, exposing yourself to nature will make you look more relaxed in your boudoir pictures.

  • Best for: Those who want to add a naturally serene background in their boudoir images.
  • Best time to visit: It would be much better to visit during the fall season to avoid sunburn marks and sweaty skin.

Related Questions

How Do I Find a Good Place to Take Boudoir Pictures in Grand Rapids?

When finding a good place for a boudoir shoot, it’s best to consider your comfort level, the weather, and the convenience of setting up your theme. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor setting, you must have privacy when changing clothes or doing intimate poses.

How to Choose a Boudoir Photographer?

When choosing a boudoir photographer, check the portfolio, photography style, and product offering. You should also feel comfortable communicating with the photographer to explain your ideas and needs clearly.

How Far in Advance Should I Book a Boudoir Photo Session?

I recommend booking a boudoir photo session at least two to three months in advance. This guarantees you can get the date you want, especially if it is in a location other than my Kalamazoo studio.


Hotels, lakes, and art hubs are among Michigan’s best places to take pictures. Regardless of the location, you must feel safe and confident when posing and changing clothes. Whether it’s an outdoor or indoor shoot, I’ll guide you in choosing locations or best outfit ideas for a Grand Rapids boudoir shoot.

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