Best Time of Year for Boudoir Photography in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Best Time of Year for Boudoir Photography in Kalamazoo, Michigan

One of the great things about boudoir photography is that you can do it at any time of the year. However, you may have scheduling concerns or maybe you’re looking for a certain seasonal glow. That’s why we’re revealing the best time of year for boudoir photography in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 

Best Time of Year for Boudoir Photography in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Winter and rainy days are the best time of the year to do a boudoir shoot in Kalamazoo. You can also consider sunny days in Michigan to avoid snow and heavy rain. However, you can book a shoot whenever you want, especially if you have a milestone to commemorate. 

I love photographing women with various boudoir visions in mind. We can further improve your theme by choosing the right time to shoot that fits your vision.


Winter is one of the best times to take boudoir photos in Kalamazoo because the late sunrise and early sunset show more dramatic lighting. The season also ensures you won’t arrive at your session all sweaty. 🙂 

January has the coldest temperatures in the city, especially at nighttime. If you’re feeling more daring and considering you can withstand the outdoor temperature, we can even take a few pictures outdoors with actual snow in the background! My home boudoir studio sits on 3 acres of land in Kalamazoo, Cooper township in Michigan. I even have a treeline full of trees and woods for outdoor photos. I have a few furs in my client closet that are perfect for snowy winter outdoor boudoir photos!

As a bonus, the season is just in time for giving yourself the gift of a powerful self-portrait or even a romantic holiday gift for your partner.

Rainy Days

December sees about 14 days of rain in Kalamazoo, whereas July is the driest month, most years. It’s also rainy during the spring season in southern Michigan.

Like winter, a rainy day is a great time to shoot indoors and feel cozy under the covers. It’s the perfect time to set a sexy and romantic mood. It’s also the ideal setup to include props such as hot drinks or linen bedsheets or fur blankets for a wintery feel.

Clouds rolling in can block the sun and diffuse natural light for a different look. In effect, it would produce soft yet lovely lighting for boudoir photography, eliminating harsh shadows on your face.

Sunny Days

On average, there are 159 sunny days in Kalamazoo every year. While most boudoir photographers in Michigan have studios and indoor setups, it’s worth noting that July is the hottest month for Kalamazoo. An average of 83.6 degrees Fahrenheit in Kalamazoo is even among the hottest areas in Michigan.

If you prefer a season with the least snowfall yet feels fairly warm, you can enjoy the pleasant months of June, August, and September.

More so, the sunny seasons in Kalamazoo are among the best times to shoot boudoir because the weather can boost the release of serotonin, a hormone that improves mood to help you feel focused and calm. Did you know that fun little fact?

Milestone Celebrations

Wherever you are in Kalamazoo, doing a boudoir session is a creative way for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, accomplishments, and other memorable events throughout the year. 

  • Pregnancy: Commemorate your body’s journey with a pregnancy boudoir photoshoot. The concept of maternity photoshoots is close to boudoir photography, mainly since you’ll be showing a lot of skin and wear sheer clothes. It’s a great way for expecting moms to reconnect with their changing body and prepare for the birth of their baby.
  • New Year: Make the new year about you! Maybe your New Year’s resolution is to try things outside of your comfort zone, or you simply want a change of theme for portraits. Boudoir photography in Kalamazoo lets you document such moments in a captivating way.
  • Wedding or engagement: It’s common for brides to do a boudoir shoot before the wedding, especially since you’ll have that beautiful bridal glow. However, you can also book a session a few days after your engagement party or wedding so you’ll have more time to take photos while still commemorating this special chapter in life.
  • Birthday: Birthdays only happen once a year, and what better way to commemorate the day than capturing your most radiant version of yourself! Whether it’s for a self-esteem boost or something you want to check off the bucket list, boudoir images can make your birthday extra memorable. Spend your birthday in your birthday suit!

Your Free Time

You may have scheduling conflicts due to work, or you’re busy managing the entire household. Once you find an opening and make a point of making time for yourself and this kind of radical self-care, a Michigan boudoir photographer can work around your desired timeframe.

When the time comes, a boudoir shoot is also an excellent opportunity to pamper yourself. This is the ultimate chance to let the staff treat you like a celebrity!

A typical boudoir session takes 2 hours or longer, especially if you’re considering the preparation of hair, makeup, and wardrobe. A boudoir shoot is worthy of spending a day on yourself and the pictures will last a lifetime.

Anytime You Want to Celebrate YOU

In one study, only 24% of American women feel body confident. The study also points out that this is partly due to pressure from social media and conventional standards. As we move into the era of body positivity, society is becoming more accepting of diverse body types.

Remember, you can do a boudoir shoot any time of the year, regardless of your body type, shape, or age, and for whatever reason you want! You can even be part of our 40 over 40 portrait experience, which is a celebration of authentic self-expression.

Related Questions

What’s the Best Time of the Day to Schedule a Boudoir Shoot?

Ask if you’re shooting indoors. If so, time can be flexible! If shooting outside, golden hour is the best time of the day to shoot boudoir because it casts gorgeous light on you. However, we can use external lights to achieve a similar effect.

How Can I Prepare My Body for a Boudoir Photoshoot?

The simplest way to prepare your body for a boudoir session is to drink lots of water and get plenty of rest. Make sure to moisturize your face and body. You can also get your nails done, as well as wax your underarms, legs, or bikini line.

How Can I Look Good in Boudoir Pictures?

You already look amazing! However, it’s vital that you work with a professional boudoir photographer in Kalamazoo to guide you in body language, posing, and expressions. You can also ask for advice regarding clothes, accessories, and hair and makeup.


Particular seasons or situations make the perfect time of the year to take boudoir photos, yet you can book a session anytime you feel like it. Go ahead and give us a call because you deserve to flaunt your natural beauty—inside and out—all year round!

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