Boudoir Photography for Couples in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Black and white image of a person kissing the hands of her partner while lovingly looking over them while they are both lying down on their bed

Most people think that boudoir shoots focus on individual portraits. The beauty of this kind of photography is that it can also highlight the love and connection between couples. If you’re looking for a sign to book a shoot and see the beauty of what you and your partner share, you’re in the right place! We’re sharing everything you need to know about couples boudoir photography in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Boudoir Photography for Couples in Kalamazoo, Michigan

A couple’s boudoir photography session in Kalamazoo, Michigan, shows the intimacy, passion, and relationship between partners. It’s about getting lost in the moment and letting your emotions and movements reflect in the photos. You can choose the theme, clothes, or setup that best suits your personality as a couple.

Black and white photo of a couple kissing while posing lying down on a bed

Boudoir photography captures the individuality and sensuality of a person. This can also apply to couples!

Why Should Couples Do a Boudoir Shoot?

There are several reasons for individuals to do a boudoir shoot, including self-expression. While it’s not that much different for a couple’s session, there are distinct benefits to why couples should have a boudoir photoshoot.

Create a Special Atmosphere

For some people, a boudoir shoot may seem to be an unconventional way to take couples’ portraits. Meanwhile, other couples are more adventurous and willing to try a different approach to collecting pictures of themselves.

A boudoir photography shoot is a good opportunity to experience a sensual yet relaxed environment. The setup, mood, and music can ensure you enjoy each other’s company and pose confidently as you get lost in one another.

Focus on Each Other

Couples can get busy every day. There’s too much time spent on work, household chores, and other responsibilities. Sometimes, couples forget to allot time to focus on each other. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?!

Boudoir photography is about embracing your body and letting go of your inhibitions. In your session, your eyes and attention will focus on each other. 

As your mind and body entangle, you won’t even remember someone photographing you kissing, hugging, or touching each other. It’s a great experience to showcase raw emotions as you pour your attention on one another.

Celebrate Special Moments

Celebrating an important moment is among the most popular reasons couples book boudoir photoshoots. It can be your birthday, engagement, or wedding anniversary.

It can also mean celebrating your growth as a couple. Perhaps you’ve reached a new level of understanding or closeness or maybe you simply want to reward yourselves.

Person sitting on the floor while her partner caresses her hair during their boudoir shoot

Regardless, celebrating both the small and big wins in your life as a couple is an excellent opportunity to show your gratitude for your partner and your genuine happiness in boudoir photos.

Spice Things Up

A study shows that couples who engage in exciting activities have higher levels of romantic relationship excitement. This heightened relational satisfaction can last for months. 

Boudoir photography is one of the most exciting things you can do as a couple. Particularly for couples who have been together for years, there are still many ways for you to rediscover the spark and spice things up.

Show Your Love and Capture Emotions

Showing your love as partners is the highlight of a boudoir photo shoot for couples. There’s no need to wait for a special occasion! Finding beauty in your love and showing those emotions in photos is more than enough.

It’s common for individuals to use boudoir images as gifts to their partners. Looking back at the pictures together helps you recall the fun experience of doing a boudoir shoot and being present in that moment. When you feature or showcase your boudoir photos, you’ll be reminded of the thrill and love of your relationship.

When to Have a Boudoir Couple Photoshoot

While there are times of the year for a boudoir shoot in Kalamazoo, Michigan, you can book a session anytime you and your partner are ready.

You don’t need to wait to achieve a certain body shape. I know you’ll feel more confident after doing a boudoir shoot as a couple in my Kalamazoo studio for a boudoir session.

How to Prepare for a Couples Boudoir Shoot

Preparation plays a huge role in the success of your couple’s boudoir photo session. These are the things you need to do after scheduling yours.

Black and white image of a person kissing the hands of her partner while lovingly looking over them while they are both lying down on their bed
  • Consult with your photographer: When you book a shoot at my boudoir studio in Kalamazoo, discussing your vision is part of the plan. This ensures we’re on the same page as I get to know your personality and lifestyle as a couple as well as your vibe.
  • Plan outfits: There are many things couples can wear for a boudoir photoshoot. It’s up to you whether you want classic lingerie or bedroom clothes, or something inspired by a theme. Regardless, you both should feel comfortable so you can pose confidently. Think about what you would wear if you were both going to the same party. We love a good storyline, so starting off with date night outfits for whatever you love to do together can lead to peeling back the layers of the onion as we get down to undies and nude in the sheets if you decide to go that route!
  • Practice poses: As a professional boudoir photographer, I guide couples into the most flattering poses and beautiful body language to help tell your story. Take note of what point of view you’d like to see or different roles you each play in the bedroom. Take notice of your intimate moments and special interactions you enjoy most and reflect what you share. You can also let me know if there are particular poses or angles you don’t feel comfortable doing or seeing yourself in.
  • Talk to each other: It’s vital that you and your partner fully understand what will happen. Aside from being physically prepared, it’s equally essential that you’re mentally and emotionally ready for this kind of shoot. Our client homework will help in this preparation. I also require all couples to do a zoom call with me so that we can discuss boundaries and comfort level before you come in for your couples’ boudoir shoot.

Related Questions

What Types of Couples Do Boudoir Photoshoots?

Couple boudoir shoots are for any couple. Some have kids, some are in polygamous relationships, some are young, some are old. You can do a boudoir session whether your relationship is fairly new or you’ve been married for decades. 

Do You Photograph LGBTQIA+ Couples?

Yes, we love photographing couples from the LGBTQIA+ community. Regardless of your sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression, you can freely express your love as partners in our boudoir studio.

Where Should We Take a Couple’s Boudoir Shoot?

As most of my clients do, you can take your boudoir photos at my Kalamazoo studio. In addition, there are places across Grand Rapids that make beautiful spots for taking boudoir pictures. Or if there is a swanky hotel that you love, we can do that as well.


Boudoir photography is a beautiful way for couples to show how much they value and love each other. We hope this simple guide gets you feeling excited about your shoot. Picking the right boudoir photographer in Kalamazoo, Michigan, is the first step in experiencing the best boudoir shoot for you and your partner.

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