Personal Branding With Small Business Owner Rachel

Personal Branding With Small Business Owner Rachel

personal branding photos in michigan for small business owners with betsy mccue pictures in kalamazoo. woman laughing and showing personality, kickback friendly vibe

Meet RACHEL!!! She’s a mover and a shaker and knows how to get S*$% done.

On the go. Making life happen. Creating results for her clients. She is Get Local Content—an innovative digital marketing company that clients can feel good about. Not only do they provide top-notch personalized marketing strategies, but they also donate 10% of net profits to local non-profit groups. How fabulous is that?!

Obviously, in her line of work, Rachel knows how the importance of authentic branding images in reflecting the core values of her business as well as setting expectations of the type of client experience people can expect. I was honored to be a part of creating warm, friendly, and happy images of this hard-working entrepreneur! We set out with the goal of reflecting her outgoing and personable personality in the imagery that will let potential clients get to know her a bit before they even pick up the phone. You know what? Your clients want to know things about you. Yes. True. Especially if one of your favorite hobbies is making your own home-made pasta! 🙂

We spent half a day together for Rachel’s Personal Branding Session. I ADORE working with other small business owners and these new sessions I’ve developed combine my documentary-style photography and background in marketing. I have an extensive branding process I go through with you before your session so that I can create meaningful imagery that lets your brand and personality SHINE! These branding photography sessions will give you loads of content for social media and your website, attracting more of your ideal clients.

Drop me a line to book your personalized Personal Branding session today!

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