Do You Tip Photographers for Boudoir Photography?

Do You Tip Photographers for Boudoir Photography?

Are you wondering if clients need to tip photographers for boudoir photography? You might be contemplating this question as you prepare for a shoot or consider hiring a photographer. I’m sharing my insights as a professional boudoir photographer and what you should know about tipping.

Do You Tip Photographers for Boudoir Photography?

Although it isn’t mandatory, you can generally tip a boudoir photographer for your shoot. Traditionally, 10% of the fee is a decent place to start if you want to thank your boudoir photographer monetarily, but any amount is a kind and lovely gesture! In addition to offering money, you can also give gifts or refer others to them. Referrals are always greatly valued!

Tipping is a social practice that lets you display appreciation for your photographer’s artistic abilities. Here are some considerations when tipping boudoir photographers.

How Much Should You Tip Photographers?

You can give any amount to boudoir photographers as a tip. Some clients leave a $20 bill, while others will add at least a 10% gratuity on their invoice. At the end of the day, tips are voluntary payments you give after receiving services, so any amount would do.

Also, check the contract before tipping. If the business includes a service fee or gratuity as part of your invoice, you may end up double-tipping. We do not do so.

How Should I Give Tip to My Boudoir Photographer?

Cash, credit cards, or other peer-to-peer payment systems are all acceptable methods of tipping. Some photographers favor Zelle, Cash App, or Venmo. Others have a tip option on their payment channels.

Some clients offer a lump sum for the photography team to split. You can also give a tip directly to the associate photographer or production assistant or studio manager, especially if you find them extra helpful.

Do Boudoir Photographers Expect Tips?

Most of the time, photographers don’t expect gratuities, especially since it’s typical for professional boudoir photographers to set a rate that fully compensates them for their time, resources, and equipment.

Tipping means paying extra, even though you’re not legally bound to do so. However, determining when to tip, how much, and to whom differs depending on the place, industry, or customs. For instance, it’s typical to give restaurant servers at least 15% of the tab in the United States. 

In contrast, it’s considered impolite to tip in Japan because Japanese people believe you’re already paying for good service, so there’s no need to pay more. The bottom line is that you can give as much as you want, as long as it comes from you wholeheartedly. 

Why Should You Give Boudoir Photographers a Tip?

Tipping boudoir photographers is a form of reward. Boudoir photography can be the most intimate kind of shoot you will have. Boudoir photography requires a lot of trust and connection between you and the photographer, and this is something you can show appreciation for using tips.

  • Incentivize unique work: Tipping expresses that you highly recognize and appreciate a photographer’s services. A good example is when the photographer performs beyond your creative expectations. Perhaps it’s the first time you have experienced a photo shoot with a free lounge, or they let you extend a few minutes without an extra charge.
  • Recognize hard work: Some individuals fail to acknowledge that photography can be a highly demanding profession. They believe it to be limited to taking pictures with a camera and printing them. Tipping can demonstrate how much you appreciate the effort and worth of the trade.
  • Boost a photographer’s morale: A survey reveals that clients don’t always tip to demand better treatment during their subsequent visit or booking. Instead, tipping is intended to raise staff morale and enable them to provide exceptional service over the long term, including to other customers.
  • Encourage photographers to continue their profession: Photography is a craft that requires constant improvement. In particular, if your photographer is just starting or has a low rate, a huge chunk of your payment may even go to logistical and overhead costs, such as equipment and transportation. Your tip helps photographers cover additional operational costs.
  • Show your satisfaction: You wouldn’t tip someone who provides unsatisfactory services. Thus, offering a tip to a photographer for your boudoir photography session signals your enjoyment and fulfillment during the shoot and output.

What Are Other Ways to Tip Boudoir Photographers? 

While you can leave tips for a boudoir photographer, remember that it is optional. Some might do it out of politeness, while others believe it will result in better service.

There are some customers who express their appreciation in other ways besides monetary tips, which we very much appreciate!

  • Send a hand-written card that we can put in our studio as decoration.
  • Post a positive review on Yelp, Google, Facebook, BBB, or our website.
  • Refer your family and friends to our boudoir photography studio in Kalamazoo.
  • Offer a voucher for a product or service, perhaps even from your own business.
  • Give a material gift, especially something relevant to photography, like a camera strap, a business card holder, or a unique lens tumbler.

Related Questions

Is It Bad Not to Tip Photographers?

No, failing to tip photographers is not necessarily a bad thing. We recognize that some people have financial restrictions, and you might only have enough money to cover the cost of your shoot. If you have extra funds, you’re welcome to leave a tip or add a product offering like additional prints.

Should I Tip Other Members of the Shoot?

You can also tip other members of the photography team only if you want to. Some studios team up with hair and makeup artists or outsource photo editors, so they don’t necessarily work for the same business as the photographer. The studio manager is an important part of the experience for many of our customers.

Do You Pay a Boudoir Photographer Before or After the Shoot?

The industry norm is to pay at least 50% to a boudoir photographer before the shoot and the remaining amount after the session. This serves as a security deposit for your booking, which can be non-refundable or not. You will pay the balance along with extra purchases after the shoot. We only charge our session retainer up front. All finished products and images are selected and paid for at the ordering session. We offer financing to help our clients get what they want. It’s amazing!


You can express appreciation to your boudoir photographer by giving a tip or other gifts. Even if you don’t give a tip, don’t worry; we won’t hold that against you! 😉 In my case, a testimonial and referral are GREAT ways of supporting my boudoir photography studio in Kalamazoo and also help empower others to do a shoot as well.

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