How to Prepare for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot in Kalamazoo, Michigan

How to Prepare for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Here are some do’s and don’ts to prep for your boudoir session

This is More than Sexy Photos—it’s a Self-Love Journey

Of course, a Boudoir session is an investment. It’s a financial investment in timeless photos of your badass self, your magical sparkle within, and your bodacious bod (PS: quick reminder that all bods are perfect for boudoir!!). Undoubtedly, we will create photos that will certainly become an unexpected, delightful family heirloom one day (shoutout to your great-grandkids rediscovering your Boudoir album in the attic decades from now!). But booking an empowering boudoir photo shoot is SO MUCH more than that. 

Your Boudoir session is an investment in yourself. Period. It’s an opportunity to put yourself first, to spoil the hell outta yourself, and to sprinkle that self-love all over the other parts of your non-Boudoir life. 😉 And even if you’re booking this shoot to surprise your hubby or wife or partner with sexy photos, I want to challenge you to create time and space to make your Boudoir session about YOU first. This is truly the kind of gift that will keep on giving to yourself over and over again! 

Your self-love journey doesn’t start when you step in front of the camera and it shouldn’t end when you leave my boudoir studio in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Keep reading for my top tips to turn your Boudoir session into a complete self-love journey from start to finish!

Before Your West Michigan Boudoir photo Session: Rev Up the Pampering

DO’s for your boudoir shoot: 

  • DO book a hair salon appointment. 
    When was the last time you got a professional color touch up or trim? If you’re like most people I know, it’s probably been too long! Which makes now the perfect time to give your luscious locks some much-needed love.
  • DO treat yourself to a mani/pedi! 
    Your nails will may show in your photos, so be sure to why not pamper your pads!? When it comes to color or style, either pick a polish that matches all of your lingerie outfits or go neutral with beige, light pink, or a classic French manicure. We want the focus to be on you and your expressions—not your chartreuse green polish 🙂 If you don’t have the chance to book a professional mani/pedi, schedule in some at-home pampering. At the very least, clean and file your nails so that they’re picture-perfect.
  • DO plan and prep your outfits. 
    Choosing what to wear for your Boudoir photos is an important part of prepping for your shoot, but it’s also a great chance to have fun playing dress up. Invite some friends over to help you rummage through your closet and find picture-perfect combos that feel great to you and even a few that might be outside your comfort zone. And of course, you have permission to Or treat yourself to a shopping day to find some new looks you can’t wait to rock!Once you have all your outfits picked out, organize each item on individual hangers (to avoid wrinkles) and put them in a garment bags for the day of the shoot. Be sure to steam or iron items that might be wrinkled! Pack your accessories, like jewelry and props, in a separate bag and take care to separate them so that they don’t tangle. And don’t forget about the shoes! A pair of heels or boots can always add a pop of color or personality to your photos.
  • DO help your skin glow. 
    Since your skin will be the star of the show, help it look its best by hydrating and moisturizing daily. Water helps your skin stay silky smooth and reduces the appearance of pores, so be sure to drink up those eight glasses a day in the week leading up to your shoot! And never underestimate the power of lotion to help cracks and flakes disappear. Make it a morning and nighttime ritual that week to plump up your skin! 
  • DO get your beauty sleep. 
    The best beauty remedy is getting enough sleep every night. Take this opportunity to reprioritize your rest. Aim for 7 to 8 hours each night and you’ll likely notice a boost in your energy and mood levels, which will help you bring your A-game to everything you do, including your Boudoir shoot. Sounds like a win-win to me! 

DON’Ts for your boudoir session:

  • DON’T wax the day before. 
    The last thing you want to worry about while wearing lingerie is inflamed, irritated skin, and ingrowns. So, if you do need to wax or shave, make sure it’s at least 3-5 days before your session to give your skin plenty of time to recover. 
  • DON’T sunbathe or spray tan. 
    Leading up to your session, try to avoid getting tan lines, which might not match up with your lingerie and are also really difficult to photoshop out (my retoucher charges extra for this!). If you’ll be spending time in the sun, remember that sunscreen is your BFF along with a wide-brimmed hat. Of course, if you really want a bronze glow for your photos, now’s not the time to try new treatments. Go with what you know and, again, be sure to do your tanning at least a week before your session.
  • DON’T start new skincare routines. 
    Slathering your body and face with new cleansers and creams is a guaranteed way to get a breakout. Dodge any new pimples or skin reactions by sticking to your normal products and routine, especially the week before your session.

Boudoir Photo Shoot Day: Embrace the Vixen Within

DO’s for your boudoir shoot:

  • DO eat plenty and drink water. 
    There’s almost nothing worse than being hangry or not having enough energy when you’re doing something new or trying to enjoy yourself. So make sure you eat well the day of your session. And don’t forget to keep drinking water to keep your skin plump and hydrated.
  • DO arrive on time!
    My goal is to help you get the most out of your time with me. Which means we’ll have to run on a tight schedule. If you’re late, you’ll cut into YOUR shooting time and take the risk of losing out on hair and makeup pampering. She can often have more than one appointment in a day.
  • DO wear loose clothing. 
    Show up in something casual and comfy, like soft PJs. If you can, come commando without a bra and panties on, since these tend to create lines and indentations on the skin. The only lines we want to see are your natural beauty marks or the sensual shapes of your lingerie! 
  • DO come with a clean makeup-free face and product-free hair. 
    My professional makeup artist will be ready to bring your Boudoir look alive with makeup and hair. Arrive with clean, moisturized, and bare skin for makeup as well as clean, fully dry hair with no products in it. You’re welcome to bring your favorite lip color but she’ll be ready to find a great match for you and glam you up with lashes too. If you have specific makeup looks you want to try, be sure to save those to your Pinterest vision board so that we can share that with your makeup artist ahead of time. Please note: time does not allow for full hair treatments such as straightening, braids, updos, or blow-dry styling. If straightened hair is what you love, please arrange for a professional blowout the day before your shoot. My artist typically does light styling such as volume and adding curls.

DON’Ts for your boudoir session:

  • DON’T stress.
    If there’s one thing you can count on it’s that this day will probably push you outside of your comfort zone. But it’s all about you and this is time for you to fully express yourself in fun, new ways. Lean in to that feeling and don’t let stress cloud YOUR DAY. 
  • DON’T jam-pack your day. 
    I don’t want you to be rushed coming to or leaving your session because it can really alter the whole experience. My advice? Move all of your appointments and clear the entire day so you’re completely free—physically, mentally, and emotionally—for your photo shoot.

After Your Sexy Photo Op: Let Go and Love Yourself

DO’s for your boudoir shoot:

  • DO tap into that “Boudoir confidence.” 
    You know that empowering feeling posing with all your femininity, personality quirks, and fiery fantasies on display gave you? Don’t lose that feeling! Take that luscious energy and kickass confidence with you into your daily life. Keep working to come into the fullness of you, discovering new sides of yourself, and finding what makes you truly happy!
  • DO admire your new photos on the regular. 
    Keep your photos somewhere you can look at them every day, like in your desk drawer or framed on your vanity. I have clients who keep large wall art in their walk-in closet so that it’s the last thing they see before they walk out the door each day! On days that you’re down or feeling less powerful, bust out your Book of Empowerment to revisit your curves, your strength, and your power. It will instantly remind you to hold your head high and show the world what you’ve got!!
  • DO find little ways to keep treating yourself… forever. 
    Don’t let the little acts of self-love end with your Boudoir shoot in West Michigan. Whether it’s a monthly mani/pedi, girl’s night, or at home spa day, make pampering a regular part of your routine. You’ll be surprised what a little self-care does for the soul and mental state of being!

DON’Ts for your boudoir session:

  • DON’T lose sight of who you are! 
    During your Boudoir session you’ll reconnect with the core of who you are. That person is stunningly beautiful in all their perfect imperfections. If you ever forget that, here’s your friendly reminder not to. 😉 
  • DON’T forget to share the love with your friends. 
    Sharing our happiness with others multiplies the positivity in the world. If you loved your boudoir photo shoot as much as I know you will, share that love with your family and friends! Invite them on their own journey of self-love and self-discovery by telling them all about your experience with me. My clients constantly share with me how amazing it makes them feel to encourage their tribe to empower themselves with their own photo shoot and how they own their space on this planet by sharing their empowered photos. Claim your reign, QUEENS!! This is how we raise the tide! 

Make Your Boudoir Experience a Self-Love Journey

One of the best parts of doing a Boudoir photo session is the boost of pampering and self-love that it allows you to indulge in. There’s something really empowering about putting on your favorite (or new!) lingerie and tapping into your sexy side or discovering it for the first time! We learn new ways to love ourself and feel better in our own skin. 

As one of my clients, Ms. S. said, “You captured a new side of me I didn’t even know truly existed. We always think ‘wow’ to other people, but now I can say ‘wow’ to me on a daily basis!” 

And that’s my goal for each and every one of you—to not only see yourself in these photos but to also find yourself through this entire process. Your self-love journey starts the moment you press that button below. I’m ready and waiting to cheer you on. Let’s get started! 

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