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What is BOUDOIR photography?

Boudoir photography is an artistic style of taking intimate and sensual photos of the subject. It gives you the choice of what to wear, how to style your hair, and which parts of your body you want to highlight.

I believe that boudoir photography is more than just taking steamy portraits. It is also a form of radical self-love that captures and celebrates your true beauty through stunning images.

This is why it's essential that you choose the perfect Grand Rapids boudoir photographer to help guide you from preparation, the actual shoot, and final delivery of the photos.

Why Should I Book a Boudoir Shoot in Grand Rapids?

The beauty of boudoir photography in Grand Rapids is that it has long-lasting benefits you will carry in different aspects of your life. We explore the emotive states of the human condition in ways you can FEEL which is how it sticks with you!

Explore your Individuality

Boudoir Photos Make Great Gifts

We celebrate your beauty, both inside and out! We love showcasing your personality. Our boudoir photography studio is a safe place to express, explore, and play!

Whether you want a unique gift for your partner or yourself, boudoir pictures are extremely personalized treats. 🙂

the signature GRIT&GRACE
self-love journey

Become More Daring.

You'll walk out of our studio with a renewed sense of self-assuredness, with images and prints that revitalize your confidence every day.

Our signature boudoir shoot self-love journey offers long-lasting benefits that will add value to your life as a woman. We focus on showing you all the beautiful things INSIDE you because that is what makes you YOU and endears you to those around you. This is a rare opportunity to see how you carry those traits every day in the world!

Love Every Inch of Your Body & Being

Despite western society's standards of beauty, we believe sexiness comes from within. Remember that boudoir photography is a self-love journey, so this is the perfect time to appreciate everything about you that the world sees every day!

I will coach you through a unique photo experience that is so much more than just pretty pictures.

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Say YES to YOU! It’s your time to shine!

These photos have captured so many different parts of my personality and my body, and managed to highlight the beauty in all of them—even things that I have historically seen as flawed. It's given me a new perspective on loving and accepting myself for who I am, in this moment, not just who I want to be in the future.

— Angel, Grand Rapids boudoir photography client


Boudoir photography is for everybody. Whether you want to have a pin-up or plus-size boudoir photography shoot in Michigan, I've got your back! Come to my Grand Rapids boudoir photography studio, and we'll help you achieve how you want your images to look and feel.

Among the things I love about doing boudoir photography in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is that I get to meet people with unique personalities. This experience gives me the honor to take magnificent photos of women regardless of size, body shape, height, age, ethnicity, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

What You Need to Know About Your Boudoir Session in Michigan

A boudoir photography shoot is a life-changing opportunity to explore your body and personality and reflect them in beautiful, meaningful, quality images. To ensure you enjoy the experience and you're fully prepared for the shoot, these are some of the things you can expect when you book a full-service boudoir photographer in Michigan.



Pre-session Prep & Homework

Professional Guidance on Clothing & Posing

Before we do the actual shoot, we provide tools to help you prepare emotionally, mentally, and logistically! We want to hear about your ideas too. Bring out your Pinterest vision board or journal notes, and we will brainstorm to craft the perfect concept for your session. This is no cookie-cutter approach here! The pre-shoot consultation will cover all of the creative and technical aspects of your booking and help you feel prepared and more excited for your boudoir photos!

You don't necessarily have to buy new clothes. However, this is a great time to pamper yourself, so we have a Client Guide complete with suggested sites for your boudoir wardrobe. I'll also give you lots of tips on how to project yourself in front of the camera. I'll coach you with authentic body language guidance, facial expressions, and even breathing! As a professional-trained boudoir photographer in West Michigan, it's my job to make you feel safe so that you can get lost in yourself.


Judgement-free Zone


Learn the Importance of Making Time for Yourself

The pre-session journey is equally vital as the shoot, so we'll give you lots of tips on how to pamper yourself before the shoot to feel excited! Whether it's a spa day or day-off at home to read your favorite book, we encourage you to take a breather so your body and mind will be more relaxed for the shoot. The homework our clients do, helps train your brain on ways to think more positively about yourself, celebrate YOU, and get more deeply connected with your being in so many ways.

It is NOT our job to tell you how to feel about your body. We have clients who want to embrace their bodies in all the ways, celebrating stretch marks, scars, and the changes of life. We have others who ask to be photographed in a body-conscious style. We each hold a different space for that relationship with self. The post-processing of final images depends on your preferences. Whether you want minimal retouching or full-blown editing, we'll follow your requests to perfection. (Please note: certain levels of retouching may incur additional costs)

Boudoir Photography Pricing in Michigan

I'm looking forward to sharing this wonderful experience with you! Our boudoir photography pricing in Michigan includes a session retainer for planning, wardrobe consultation, professional hair and makeup, and preparation guidelines.

It covers an ordering session where you can make all of your post-shoot purchases. We also offer a la carte items for albums and wall art to display your glorious boudoir photographs anywhere you want.

Then all you have to do is wait for your prints and digital copies to arrive. I can't wait for you to see your fantastic photos in person!

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It's time to treat yourself to life-changing boudoir photography in Michigan!

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Michigan Boudoir Photography Client Testimonials

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“We show up everyday over and over for others without a second thought. We tend to get lost and forgotten while we are showing up for everyone else. You need to do this for yourself. It forces you to dig deep and pull out the amazing, beautiful person you are and allows you to see YOU and remember who you are.”

— New booty lover, Ms. M.

i wanna love my booty too

What to Expect at YOUR Boudoir Photography Session in Grand Rapids

We'll be spending at least an hour on hair, makeup, and wardrobe to make you look drop-dead gorgeous. After that, it's time for lights, camera, and attention on YOU!

  • My team of boudoir photography stylists and artists are the best in Grand Rapids! We make sure your hair is camera-ready and your lips are plump and sultry.
  • You'll swap between at least three show-stopping outfits throughout the shoot. We also have a range of props and accessories to add an accent to your outfit.
  • A Grand Rapids boudoir photography session is a dedicated moment for yourself. You can choose to pose on the bed, other furniture, or a faux rug.
  • We will start with poses you'll feel most comfortable with, then I will continue to coach you to try other boudoir poses through body language and movement. You may feel a bit awkward at first, and that's okay! We'll work through at your pace while finding the most flattering and foxy poses.
  • You won't be spending hours just smiling or just looking fierce in front of the camera. We are going to incorporate your personality into the shoot through emotive work as we laugh, dance, or look away longingly from the camera

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Meet Betsy


I’ve been a professional photographer for 15 years, but I have reinvented myself and my boudoir photography studio in Mid-Michigan to reflect what I believe is my true purpose on this planet.

After going through a significant life change in 2016 when I lost my life and business partner, I learned just how precious life could be. Taking time to heal and work on me, I traveled the world with my camera shooting for myself for a year.

I’ve been on the self-exploration journey and done the work that many of my clients are embarking on. Through my personal work on rebuilding myself and my life after loss, I have learned many ways to love and celebrate myself and my womanhood.

My life experiences have given me a truly unique perspective on how I see light. Finding the light in the darkness is part of how I'm wired now and boudoir photography is my tool to illustrate where they intersect and exist in a delicate balance.

My Boudoir Photography Mission in West Michigan

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“I have wanted to do a boudoir session for years and see myself from another point of view. I would do it over and over a million times! If I feel this empowered and amazing now, I want to see this again when I go through more chapters in life. I love me more now than I ever loved myself. I love aging and I want to see myself in this light again when I'm older so I can say yes ma'am, you still got it. Fine wine, bitches!”


Take Control of Your Body, Sexuality, and Journey

Whether you’re looking for a boudoir photography shoot in Kalamazoo, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Detroit, or anywhere in SouthWest Michigan or Mid-Michigan, I’m here for you!

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