Real Boudoir Stories—Be Unapologetically You MS H

Real Boudoir Stories—Be Unapologetically You

“When I saw my photos, I had a moment of thinking, “Oh, there I am…
I’ve been looking for you!”


How would you rate your overall experience? 
5 stars! 
I had a great time! You made me feel so comfortable and confident. The whole experience made me feel empowered, strong, and beautiful. Everything from scheduling to planning to the shoot to ordering was super easy. I felt comfortable going in and knew we were on the same page about what I wanted to gain from the experience and see in the photos. And I loved the photos!

The whole thing went so smoothly and was really a fantastic experience that I would recommend to anyone! You’re really the best, Betsy, and I honestly will continue to look for reasons to work with you again! 

What made you choose me?
I knew I’d be comfortable with you because you shot our engagement and wedding photos. I loved the way you captured people in our photos and cherish them so much. So, I felt like I knew how the photos would look like me! 

I loved how you explained your approach and goals for the Boudoir session. I wouldn’t have necessarily sought out a Boudoir shoot, but reading your email, the sessions felt like something I really was drawn to doing. You talked about capturing women exactly where they are right now and as I’m in a point of major transition and transformation in my own life it really spoke to me about the importance and value of stopping for a minute to document me as I am today. 

And I really admire you as a strong woman and everything you’ve shared on social media over the years since my wedding has really spoken to me. So I truly felt like working with someone like you who does inspire me to be unapologetically myself throughout the ups and major downs life can throw our way!

What was the experience like for you?
FUN and EMPOWERING are the two words that come to mind right away. I had a blast with you, with Prince playing loud, having fun being a little cheeky with some of the photos and strong in others. You brought me out and made me feel comfortable quickly. The shoot naturally evolved as I got more comfortable in front of the camera. Your directions were very clear and made it feel easy for me to play model for a little bit. 

I could tell you had a good clear vision and so I felt like I was in good hands. I felt like I trusted your eye and directions and knew the results would be good (and they were!). But even without thinking about the results, the experience itself made me feel empowered and confident. I felt my true self coming out in ways that it doesn’t always. I felt strong and beautiful in my own way and I didn’t feel self-conscious of my body as I sometimes do because of the way your instructions and encouragement made me feel! Just that feeling I got is worth it alone!

If you were going to recommend me to your best friend, what would you say?
I would tell her that you’re an incredible, strong woman who is passionate about helping other women feel their own strength and beauty. You value uniqueness in yourself and others. And you have an incredible eye for capturing people as they are. From the way you captured my grandparents in wedding photos to the way you captured me in lingerie years later, you really “get” people and know how to somehow capture their essence on camera! You’re so easy to be around and talking to you makes people really comfortable—even shooting something intimate like this. And your eye is beautiful and artistic too! I had so much fun doing the shoot and encourage anyone to do that type of shoot with you to not only feel beautiful and special but also empowered!

Did you have any hesitations?
Knowing you, my hesitations were minimal. I trusted you so much that I didn’t hesitate much to book. BUT I was generally worried about revealing my body at a time when I’m not super happy with how it looks. But I knew that was also the reason I should do the shoot—to find what I can and do love about my body. And again, I trusted that you wouldn’t let me look “bad” and would take pics in a way that would highlight what I do like and minimize what I don’t! And that was absolutely true!

“You value uniqueness in yourself and others. You have an incredible eye for capturing people as they are.”


What did you think or feel when you first saw your photographs? 
I felt good! I felt like a badass when looking at some of the pics and pretty when looking at others. I’ve not felt as sure of “who I am” right now because of the major changes and challenges I’ve faced over the last couple of years but when I saw the pics I thought and said, “Oh, that really looks like ME!” I had a moment of thinking “Oh, there I am! I’ve been looking for you!” 

So I felt like shooting and then seeing the pics reminded me of myself. It felt kind of grounding to look at those pics and feel like I saw myself. The changes I’ve experienced, especially in how my body not only looks but also how it feels and works, have often made me feel unsure of who I saw in the mirror or in pics. But looking at these pics I didn’t feel that…I felt like I was looking at me. It was a really good grounding feeling!

Was there anything specific that stood out to you about working with me?
You are wonderful to work with, you are easy to be around and talk to. I feel at ease when talking to you. Your demeanor is calming and confident so I really instills a feeling like you totally have things handled and under control at all times. You have a good vision for things but also really heard and reflected back to me that you understood what my ideas and desires were for the experience. So, the perfect blend of flexibility and firmness about your ideas!

Was there anything specific that stood out to you about my imagery?  
It’s simple, classy and classic, timeless, but also really beautiful. Your images say so much without being fussy. They look natural and real.

What do you feel your photos will say to you in 20 years?They will remind me that I remained strong and true to myself at a time in my life that was truly challenging. I hope I’ll look back and feel like I was beautiful even at a time when my body was undergoing immense changes and challenges (and hopefully in 20 years it’ll help me remember that I’m still beautiful in this body however it will have changed between now and then!). I hope I see someone who persevered and fought to remain true. And I hope it reminds me of my fun and playful side that I think came out in these photos too!

What do you think? Are you ready to be unapologetically YOU? 
What’s stopping you from saying YES?

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