Real Boudoir Stories—Appreciate Where You’re at Because It’s Exactly Where You Were Meant to Be. MS K

Real Boudoir Stories—Appreciate Where You’re at Because It’s Exactly Where You Were Meant to Be.

How would you rate your overall experience? 
5 stars! 

What was the experience like for you?
It was really fun! II felt right at home from the outset but I felt a little goofy letting my alter-ego unleash right away. I needed to remember it was for me and no one is judging. 

I thought the entire thing was so professional and well thought through. I felt thoroughly prepared (as much as a frazzled mama could) before coming in. There was literally no stone un-turned and the pieces of information came through in the right cadence and format. 

“In 20 years, I will say, ‘DAMN! You looked good!’.  That body made babies. It’s created life. It’s strong and beautiful.

I will say, ‘Thank you’ to my mom for those legs. I will appreciate me at 38!”

—Ms K

If you were going to recommend me to your best friend, what would you say?
She will be the best documentarian of your life! She will be able to capture your best self. I will show them your pictures because they DO speak a million words that I cannot express. I will show them YOUR picture too because there is a warmth in your eyes and you have moxie.  

What made you choose me?
Because it’s you! There is no other Betsy and no other photographer that takes the time to get to know her clients like you do. Having known you for 12 years, photographing my life’s big, important yet vulnerable moments (engagement, wedding, babies (also vulnerable)), it only makes sense that you would be the person to also photograph me at my most vulnerable. 

What did you think or feel when you first saw your pictures?
I was really pleased to see where you really captured me. It was a reminder to me to smile! I look good with a smile. It also told me my belly isn’t as bad as I thought and I shouldn’t be so concerned about it. I LOVED seeing the complete me. I am so much more than my wrinkles and my belly. When we zoomed out and saw the fully body shots, I thought “I’ve done good!”, staying healthy and strong. 

What do you feel your images will say to you in 20 years?
In 20 years, “I will say DAMN! You looked good! That body made babies, it created life, it is strong and beautiful. I will say ‘THANK YOU’ to my mom for those legs. I will appreciate me at 38!”

Remember that time…it was frenetic but it was yours. You felt like you had no alone time and sometimes felt like things were unraveling but you had two little people and YOU were their everything. You were loved by your husband, you were empowered by his support and you were fulfilled. There was no panic to be anything more than you were in this moment but still needed to carve out time for yourself.  You were exactly where you were meant to be. You had carved out a little life for yourself that was awesome. YOU are a rockstar mama— this is where you shine and where, for some odd reason, your anxiety didn’t take over. There is an innate comfort in your ability to mother those little ducklings. 

Was there anything specific that stood out to you about working with me?
You met my tone with the same tone and revved me up without making is comedic. You understood where I was emotionally at that day and met me there versus trying to coax me into something that wasn’t me. 

What do you think? Can you relate to what Ms K shared? 
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