How Much Should I Spend on My Boudoir Photographer?

How Much Should I Spend on My Boudoir Photographer?

Are you planning to book a boudoir photography session yet feel worried about the prices? Boudoir photographers offer different rates and packages. We’re giving the inside scoop on how much you should spend on a boudoir photographer, including some factors to consider and price ranges.

While you can spend anywhere from $200 to $500 for an hourly shoot with a boudoir photographer, once you include prints, an online gallery, hair and makeup, and delivery of albums you will make a larger investment in yourself. Depending on the studio, you may consider their hourly rate, package, and a la carte items.

Your final payment to a boudoir photographer will depend on a few things. We’re going to break down everything for you so you can see where you can save or splurge while receiving the highest quality boudoir photos.

Average Cost of Paying Boudoir Photographers

There’s no exact rate on how much you’ll be spending on a boudoir photographer. However, there’s a range that will help you determine what kind of services or products you can avail of.

Hourly Session Fee

Most boudoir photographers charge a session or sitting fee, which normally lasts a few hours, costing $300 to $500 on average. This covers the actual time the photographer is taking pictures of you. Hence, it may or may not include hair, makeup, or wardrobe preparation time.

A La Carte

A la carte pricing is similar to browsing a restaurant menu with a variety of meals to pick from.

The advantage is that you can handpick the products or services you want. Combining them may seem more affordable than purchasing a package, but it can actually be much more expensive, so be sure to ask about packages and collections that combine offerings and keepsakes.

Bundled Packages

Most boudoir photographers offer a package service. This covers payment for the photo shoot time, a number of retouched images, and other elements such as setups, hair and makeup, and wardrobe changes.

With bundled packages, you’ll be spending a lower fee than if you select a la carte services. Tiered packages will often start small, with higher-priced ones having more products. 

Pricing Depending on Experience

The knowledge and expertise of the boudoir photographer will make up a large portion of the fee. This is why you may encounter low-priced and premium ones.

  • Beginner: Free to less than $100. A beginner photographer has a degree of risk, so you shouldn’t expect the highest quality. However, some people prefer a beginner because a survey from Retail Systems Research shows that 49% of people believe they can get the products they want at lower prices elsewhere.
  • Professional: You may pay a professional boudoir photographer up to $1000 or more for set prices or customized packages. There is a greater guarantee that you will have the best photoshoot experience and results.

Factors That Influence Boudoir Photography Pricing

You may pay around $300 to $500 for an hourly rate or complete package starting at $1000. It’s vital to consider the numerous factors that affect how much you will pay for a boudoir photographer to help you assess your options and determine what is important to you as far as quality, artistic value, and overall experience.

  • Photography Style: Some boudoir photography styles are more complex than others, including how a photographer edits the pictures, which is why it is important that you select the right boudoir photographer for your session. For instance, you may pay more for a photographer who does complicated image alterations. Meanwhile, others stick to more natural edits, which means you can save more.
  • Time: The photo session’s timeframe is among the most significant determiners of the fee. The rate increases with the duration of the shoot.
  • Number of photos: The number of retouched pictures taken plus the retouched images can also bump up the rates. The more photos the photographer takes and edits, the higher the fee.
  • Setup: Most boudoir photography studios already have prepared setups. Expect to pay more if you request additional props or a design done from scratch.
  • Outfit changes: Make sure to prepare in advance what you’d be wearing for the boudoir session, as most photographers limit the number of outfit changes, especially if the time to do so is included in the hourly rate. In addition, you may spend more if you’re using a wardrobe from the studio.
  • Hair and makeup: Across the United States, expect to pay between $100 and $450 for professional makeup and styling.
  • Location: Will the photographer need to hire a studio or go to your preferred location? You can save more if you can find a photographer who has a studio in your area. This is why we made sure Michigan locals could easily locate a Grand Rapids boudoir photographer.
  • Prints: In general, photographers will ask you to pay $50 to $200 per print. This depends on the size, photo quality, and material.

Related Questions

How Can I Save Money on a Boudoir Shoot?

Wait for special promos or seasonal packages to save money on a boudoir session. Most photographers offer discounted rates or may waive particular fees on holidays like Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, or Mother’s Day. Some also give surprise promos through newsletters and contests.

How Much Do You Tip Boudoir Photographers?

You can tip boudoir photographers at least 10% of their fee. While it’s not mandatory, you can also give them gifts or refer them to others as a sign of gratitude and appreciation.

Why Is Boudoir Photography Expensive?

The best boudoir photography is expensive because you’re paying for the photographer’s experience and undivided attention to provide top-notch photos of yourself. You’re paying for the photographer’s expertise in helping you pose and post-processing the images.


When paying for a boudoir photographer, a complete package will cost $1000 or more, while hourly rates are often $300–500. While you may be hesitant to spend this much on yourself at first, you’ll eventually see how boudoir photos are worth it and why you should book a boudoir session right now. Investing in yourself and experiencing boudoir that can change your view of yourself is incredibly valuable in life and your self-love journey!

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