How to Pick a Boudoir Outfit

How to Pick a Boudoir Outfit

A boudoir session promotes a positive self-image and confidence. However, preparing the perfect outfit for your boudoir shoot can be stressful. I’ve compiled tips on how to pick a boudoir outfit so you can feel amazing and look exceptionally stunning in your boudoir photos.

How to Pick a Boudoir Outfit

When preparing a boudoir outfit, it’s important to choose a variety of clothing, accessories, and colors that help you express yourself. You should consider if the styles feel true to your personality. Make sure to balance comfort, sexiness, and your personality when selecting boudoir clothes.

You would probably have several questions as a first-time boudoir shoot client. This is why I’m guiding you through the wardrobe selection process so that you can have the best photoshoot experience.

Choose Comfortable and Well-Fitting Clothing for your favorite features

The first rule to selecting clothes for a boudoir shoot is to pick items that match your body type or personality. Flattering clothes isn’t all about hiding body features; sometimes, it means highlighting your best assets.

For example, wear deep-V or halter dresses to highlight your collarbones. Opt for chunky necklaces to bring attention to your center or torso. Choose satin and lace fabrics, which look extremely soft yet flattering to most body types. 

Prepare a Variety of Clothing Styles

One of the fun parts of a boudoir shoot is the wardrobe change. If you feel like wearing a jersey shirt one moment, then a two-piece suit next, you’re welcome to do so! This lets you have a diverse set of boudoir images that would look good in digital albums and prints.

To give you an idea, here’s what a diverse boudoir wardrobe typically looks like:

  • A one-piece set: Shapewear, bodysuit, or vintage slip
  • A two-piece set: Corset and underwear, bralette and stockings, high-waisted skirt and bra, or camisole and hipster undies
  • Cover-up: Large coat, cardigan, shawl, off-shoulder tee, or kimono/robe
  • Something you love: Lace robe from your wedding, lingerie gift set from your partner, a sporty sassy look, or a sleek and chic cocktail dress.

Play With Colors

Black and white are the go-to colors in boudoir shoots. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to these colors, especially if you love wearing clothes in your favorite color.

For instance, you can incorporate pastels as this color palette adds softness to clothes. Meanwhile, jewel hues like emerald green or electric blue bring elegance and a lot of punch to outfits.

While you can stick to hues that look best for your skin tone, it’s equally important that you get to have fun with colors. Deeper tones and slate hues are very popular in lingerie right now!

Incorporate Shoes and Accessories

Shoes can complete your ensemble and make the legs look longer. In some cases, you can even wear only shoes. Whether you want something vintage or minimalist, what’s vital is that the pair adds color or personality to your outfit.

You can start with classic black heels or sparkly pumps. Thigh-high boots also look good with strappy clothes. Another option is to wear nude heels, which usually work well with softer-colored lingerie.

Aside from that, don’t forget to try some accessories. It can be antique jewelry, a family heirloom, or anything sparkly. The most common include pearls, long necklaces, fishnets, belts, and hats.

Find Balance Between New and Barely Used Clothes

Since boudoir photos would become a keepsake for years to come, you may want fresh outfits for the shoot. Our client below opted for a combination of new items, items from her closet, and a little thrift-hopping for that cool tuxedo jacket.

Shopping for new clothes is fun. However, you can still rummage over your wardrobe and pick barely used garments. Just make sure to steam outfits to avoid wrinkles.

The best time to buy new ones is if you have worn-out heels. There’s a great chance that the bottom part would show up in the photos.

Consider What Makes You Feel at Ease

About 61% of adults feel negative about their body image most of the time. However, you can counter this feeling by choosing clothes that make you comfortable.

This also applies to selecting boudoir outfits. For example, if you don’t feel relaxed in revealing too much skin, you can opt for off-the-shoulder tees, a fitted shirt, or a high-slit dress instead. 

Whether you’re into skimpy outfits or casual clothes, the important thing is that you can show your inner self without inhibitions. Your outfit should speak for your personality so that you can wear it with confidence!

Trust Your Gut

While 20% of adults feel shame with their bodies, 21% of adults feel satisfied with their body images. This boils down to how you carry yourself and trusting what you know is best for your body.

Does your smile widen when wearing lingerie? Do you feel like you can conquer the world with your favorite jacket? Do you feel like flaunting your assets when you put on a silk robe?

A boudoir photography session is all about you, so you should also pick clothing items you feel naturally drawn to. In this way, you’ll feel honestly good in your outfits.

Do’s and Don’ts When Picking a Boudoir Outfit

As you finalize your boudoir shoot wardrobe, here are final reminders to ensure you don’t forget anything and all there’s left to do is pamper yourself.

  • Do pick clothes that represent your sexual expression well. A boudoir shoot isn’t all about femininity. If you want to add a dash of boyish or androgynous outfits, you do you!
  • Do keep in mind that sometimes, less is more. Some of the gorgeous boudoir photos involve covering the body with only a bedsheet, pillow, or props. This also lets you create nude-illusion shots without actually showing more than you’d like.
  • Don’t use neon colors or busy patterns. Choose clothes that highlight your favorite features.
  • Don’t wear excessively tight outfits that don’t fit in the right places, as these can form weird lines across the body. Avoid garments that dig into the skin and cut into your flesh.
  • Don’t feel like you have to splurge lots of money for a wardrobe overhaul. Sometimes, you already have hidden gems in your closet.


As a professional boudoir photographer, I want you to feel totally comfortable and sexy when you schedule a boudoir shoot in our Kalamazoo studio. While I can suggest various outfits for the session, it’s vital that you consider what helps bring out your personality. From there, I can guide you in posing for boudoir photos.

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