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What is BOUDOIR photography?

Boudoir photography is a photography style that captures intimate and sensual photos of a person. It blends elements of glamour and creativity from selecting outfits, styling hair and makeup, and posing.

I believe that boudoir photography in West Michigan is more than just taking steamy portraits. It is also a form of radical self-love that captures and celebrates your true beauty through stunning images.

This is why it's vital that you choose a professional Lansing boudoir photographer to make you feel comfortable and beautiful during the photo shoot.

Let's make the boudoir magic happen!

Why Should I Book a Boudoir Shoot in Lansing?

You deserve to feel desirable, empowered, and sexy, and a boudoir photography shoot in Lansing, Michigan, can give you that.

Boudoir photos make extraordinary gifts:

Come out of your shell:

Whether you’re searching for pin up or plus size boudoir photography in Michigan, a session will help you step out of your shell and show your fierce side to the world!

the signature GRIT&GRACE
self-love journey

Be more daring, be more confident:

Our signature boudoir shoot self-love journey offers long-lasting benefits that will add value to your life as a woman. We focus on showing you all the beautiful things INSIDE you because that is what makes you YOU and endears you to those around you. This is a rare opportunity to see how you carry those traits every day in the world!

You'll walk out of the studio radiating a renewed sense of self-assurance. You’ll see it in your printed photos which will revitalize your confidence.

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What’s stopping you from trying boudoir photography in Mid-Michigan?

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I feel empowered by these beautiful photos. I'm proud that I took this time just for me. Everything about this experience has built my confidence. I truly feel beautiful inside and out. I feel confident in myself and body.

— Ms. J., Lansing boudoir photography client

Who Should Have a Michigan Boudoir Photography Session?

The beauty of boudoir photography is that it's for everybody! A boudoir photo shoot is for women (and men and non-binary individuals!) who want to reignite the flame within. It's for anyone who wants to reflect self-love in visuals.

We welcome everyone regardless of race, sex, religion, body size, age, sexual orientation, and gender. What's important is that you're showing the real YOU!

Whether you want a plus size or pin up boudoir photography shoot in Michigan, I can help unleash your inner goddess. Come to my Lansing boudoir photography studio, and we'll provide the most memorable experience for you.

Do you want this liberating experience? We're waiting for you.

What You Need to Know About Your Boudoir Session

Doing a boudoir photoshoot is a life-changing opportunity to radiate confidence while exploring sensuality.

  • My approach to boudoir photography digs deep! It emphasizes celebrating the authentic YOU. It lets the REAL you shine through.
  • I would love to hear about your vision! We will share your Pinterest vision board so we can brainstorm together to craft the perfect boudoir photoshoot theme.
  • After making the remarkable decision to book a boudoir shoot in Lansing, the next step will be picking a boudoir outfit, especially if you want a maternity boudoir shoot. I have a client guide with websites to shop for your boudoir wardrobe.
  • I'll encourage you to embrace radical self-care, so the pre-session journey is just as important as the shoot. Allot time to internalize how you want yourself to be reflected in the photos.
  • I'll give lots of tips to make you feel excited and prepared!

NOW is the best time to treat yourself to a Lansing boudoir photography session.

What to Expect at YOUR Boudoir Photography Session in Lansing, MI

A boudoir photography session in my Lansing studio is a unique experience that will make you feel like a star! I'll walk you through every process, and here's what we're going to do to put the spotlight on YOU!

  • I work with professional hair and makeup artists that can achieve the styles you want, so feel free to reveal your desired look!
  • My quirky yellow Victorian house in West Michigan is a private and safe place for rediscovering yourself.
  • Lights, camera, pose! Some of my clients don't have prior experience in posing, and that's okay! My years of experience doing boudoir photography in Lansing lets me guide clients using the best angles and poses. We'll highlight the features that you love and discover more.
  • I understand that you may feel shy or nervous at first. I'll share lots of tips and tricks so you can focus on yourself and make self-care a priority.

Wondering when the best time for boudoir photography is in West Michigan? Don't wait. Make new memories today!

Boudoir Photography Pricing in Michigan

I'm looking forward to sharing this wonderful experience with you! Our boudoir photography pricing in Michigan includes a session retainer for planning, wardrobe consultation, professional hair and makeup, and preparation guides.

The rate does not include post-shoot purchases, including albums, wall art displays, digital copies, and prints, but we will work on that together at your reveal ordering session a few weeks after your shoot. I can't wait for you to see your fantastic boudoir photos!

I'm so stoked to work with you and show you how amazing you are! Treat yourself to transformative boudoir photography in Lansing, Michigan!

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Welcome to Your Boudoir Photography Journey in Lansing

Step back and take inventory of the woman you are right now AND move the needle a little closer to the woman you’re working towards.

You ARE ENOUGH. Right now is the time to celebrate who you are, totally and completely.

My boudoir photography clients are on a path of GROWTH.

  • They are seeking the most they can get out of this ONE PRECIOUS LIFE.
  • They appreciate their GIFTS.
  • They embrace the nuances that make their story theirs and THEIRS ALONE.
  • They find beauty in the imperfection of REAL LIFE.
  • They are working on themselves, growing, and learning how important it is to love themselves a little more.

Give yourself the gift of self-love where you accept and even celebrate the wholeness of you— ALL OF YOU. We'll explore that space where the light and the darkness meet, embracing what makes you YOU—and allowing you to explore what's next.

i'm ready to celebrate MEEEE!

Meet Betsy


I've been a professional photographer for 15 years, but I have reinvented myself and my boudoir photography studio in Mid-Michigan to reflect what I believe is my true purpose on this planet.

After going through a significant life change in 2016 when I lost my life and business partner, I learned just how precious life could be. Taking time to heal and work on myself, I traveled the world with my camera shooting for myself for a year.

I’ve been on the self-exploration journey and done the work that many of my clients embark on. Through my personal work on rebuilding myself and my life after loss, I have learned many ways to love and celebrate myself and my womanhood.

My life experiences have given me a truly unique perspective on how I see the light. Finding the light in the darkness is part of how I'm wired now, and boudoir photography is my tool to illustrate where they intersect and exist in a delicate balance.

My Boudoir Photography Mission in West Michigan

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“I love the spectrum of emotions that came through the photos—from sexy to more playful. This experience has given me a new sense of freedom and openness. My photos make me appreciate my curves—you made them sing! And my boobs have never looked better!!”


Take Control of Your Body, Sexuality, and Journey

I'm always here for a boudoir photography session in Lansing, West Michigan, and surrounding areas. Available beyond West Michigan and worldwide. Passport is always kept updated.

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