Life Documentary | Economopoulos Family

Everyday Life Is Worth Celebrating

Oh my goodness—how much do I love it when my clients GET it. I adore collaborating with families who are all about the process and embrace being in the moment. The most special pictures come from these sessions. It’s the perfect storm (in the best way possible!). 

I spent half a day in the world of the Economopoulos family in LA. When Christa first talked to me about my Life Documentary sessions, she exclaimed, “This is exactly what I want! We are totally your ideal clients!”. And guess what? That enthusiasm and simpatico relationship spread to every nook and cranny of their time with me. 

They lived their life as they do on a Saturday morning. We slowed down time. Nobody had to be anywhere else except for right here and now. Morning snuggles. Reading time. Feeding. Laughing together at their favorite shows. Walking around the neighborhood.

I arrived shortly before Zoe, their 8 month old baby got up from her first morning nap. I hung out with Christa for awhile, chatting and capturing some photos of her doing her life during this time of the day. Then we went and woke up Zoe. They had their special time before Ava and Costaki came back into the picture, so to speak. And then the day unfolded just like any other Saturday in their book—except that I just happened to be there with a camera documenting the beauty in their everyday life. Nothing makes me happier! 

Okay, enough talking! I’ll let their photos speak for itself 🙂

“These pictures and the entire experience are invaluable! We are so grateful to have this precious and fleeting time captured so beautifully. Your photos are the best way to stop time. Thank you!


A few more highlights so you can get a feel for their corner of the world because I can’t keep these to myself. They make me smile and hope they do the same for you.

Thank you, Christa, Costaki, Ava, Zoe, and Gucci for sharing your home and your life with me for the afternoon. It made me smile ear to ear! 

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