Real Boudoir Client Reviews & Testimonials —Angel

Real Boudoir Client Reviews & Testimonials —Angel

Angel’s Kalamazoo Boudoir Session

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Although I’ve always been a strong woman, I feel like there was always someone else trying to control me and mold me into what they want or need me to be.  I’m working on breaking away from this and being true to my wants and needs.

This is probably the first time in my life that I have ever been truly focused on myself and my own well-being. My dreams and my desires.  I’m not working on reminding myself of who I am, I’m working on discovering who I am for the first time, at almost 40! 

My life, my body, and my dreams have always been controlled and influenced by others. Even when I thought I was working on myself, I was lying to myself and hiding in pain.  GRIT&GRACE was a huge opportunity to step out of the box that feels like I’ve been chained up in.  Basically, a big “fuck you” to everyone who ever used me, tried to control me, or manipulate me into their version of happiness.

It ended up being a loving embrace of myself in the process. 

As much as I subconsciously fought it, these boudoir photos have captured so many different parts of my personality and my body. They managed to highlight the beauty in all of them, even things that I have historically seen as flawed. It’s given me a new perspective in loving and accepting myself for who I am in this moment, not just who I want to be in the future.

I can honestly say that every single woman in my life can benefit from showing themselves more love, consideration, attention, and patience.  That’s what this experience is doing for me. 

I knew I was going into this hurt and struggling to find myself; trying to find a glimpse of who I am underneath the chameleon.  That process is by no means done, but I’m definitely loving and appreciating myself in new ways.

My photos will remind me that I am more than the problems, situations, and opinions that surround me.  When it’s all said and done, no one else’s opinion or thoughts really matter in regard to who I am and how I live my life.  At the end of the day the only person that needs to be happy with me, proud of me, and able to live with my decisions is me.

Do your photos make you see yourself differently in any way? 
I’m a lot sexier when I let my hair down ;)I’m embracing who I am in this moment. Seeing my own value and recognizing my own dreams and desires.It’s not my job to make anyone else feel better about who I am or what I do.  I don’t need to prove my worth to anyone. What features do your photos make you appreciate about yourself a little bit more? Well, I certainly don’t see my thighs as ham hocks anymore! So I’ve got cellulite, wrinkles, extra fat, etc. I am absolutely fucking amazing. I dare anyone to try to tell me different!

I am definitely my own worst critic. This experience has helped show me how important it is to break that cycle of self abuse.  There are enough haters, users, and abusers in this world (and sometimes I feel like I’ve met a good majority of them….). I don’t need to be on my own list.

My GRIT&GRACE experience is shaping my confidence, not just in my body and my perceived flaws, but also in how I see my interactions with others, and how much I respect myself. I never truly considered my own wants or needs before. (Again, WTF Angel, you’re 38 years old!!!) I’ve never had a bucket list, never really had definitive goals for my future (EVER). I existed for everyone but me, because that was what I was raised to do. I can already see this shifting, and it’s making me more confident and happier than I’ve ever been. I certainly hope that this will continue to shape me.

Would you do GRIT&GRACE again? Tell us why! Is the world ready for you and your badass self again?

Absolutely! The world may not be ready for it, but I don’t give a shit. I am beautiful, strong, intelligent, and vulnerable (!!!!). And all of these things are amazing in their own ways.

(Still working on embracing the vulnerability, that’s definitely a tough one for me LOL).

I feel so many positive emotions and a lot of gratitude since my boudoir shoot in Kalamazoo. It’s like I’ve found a new kind of peace with myself.Through this experience I’m finding myself and my passion.  I’m also more focused on my own well-being and making sure I carve out time for self-care.I’ve noticed I’m much kinder to myself.  I try to act with more compassion in general, but definitely toward myself more.

I’ve also gained some pretty amazing friends through my GRIT&GRACE experience.

If there’s one word you could use to describe your GRIT&GRACE Boudoir experience what would it be and why?


Are you a G&G Alumni? How has your life leveled up since your shoot?

We’d love to hear!! 

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