Smash’s Grit&Grace Boudoir Session in Kalamazoo

Smash’s Grit&Grace Boudoir Session in Kalamazoo

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I had recently gone through a significant weight loss in the past year, but something still felt out of place. It wasn’t until my reveal session that everything really sunk in. I saw a photo where my inner thigh had this muscle crease I didn’t even know existed and that was cool. But what was really cool was loving my flaws. I may have some stretch marks showing or a couple wrinkles, but I’m gonna print those pics and love them!

I did this session as a surprise gift for our wedding night. I still have almost 2 more months before I get to give it to him. It’s so hard to keep this a secret…but I showed my best friend and she was FLOORED. She said the photos were gorgeous and helped me pick the perfect one for my metal wall art. 

I feel like Betsy really captured my whole personality. Not just my smile, but my laugh.

Before my session, Betsy asked if there was any part of my body I wanted to minimize or conceal, and I told her I wanted to hide my tummy, stretchmarks etc. I even had it in my mind that when I took these pictures the camera would have a magic lens that would take away all my flaws, and if not, they can always photoshop me right? Then as we were shooting, my top showed off lots of skin, and I fully embraced it. Why would I try to hide what my fiancé has seen a million times? He already loves me—why I can’t I do the same? 

There’s no way you can do a Grit&Grace boudoir session and not leave feeling like a million bucks after. Then seeing your photos, feeling the same way again. It’s a major confidence boost. You’ll feel amazing, sexy and confident after. You have to do it at least once!!

I wanted to start believing in my beauty from my Grand Rapids boudoir shoot. I feel confident day-to-day, but when I see pictures of myself, I tend to think “yuck” a lot. And I hate that.

I LOVE the way my personality came through in the photos.  I usually feel like I don’t photograph well, but I feel HOTlooking at these now!  I look like a badass. And now I love my real smile! I feel sexy, beautiful, and funny!

Do your photos make you see yourself differently in any way? 
Yes, they’ve helped me gain a new sense of confidence. They’ve made me realize I am strong and beautiful. I did my boudoir shoot a little over 2 months ago and I’m still riding the high from the experience!!Has your session caused you to do anything differently in your life? Have you found that it’s carried over to other areas of your life?I’m so confident! I wear shorts now and I used to hide my legs all the time. I’ve also worn the purple jacket out on a date. 🙂 

If someone stumbled across your album in 20 years, what would it say about you that makes you feel like someone should probably erect a statue in your likeness?
I think they would probably think I was a famous musician or actor because I have such an expressive face and the whole album tells mini stories!

Betsy’s work is such nice quality, it would have to belong to someone very important right?

Would you do GRIT&GRACE again? Tell us why! Is the world ready for you and your badass self again?

YES, definitely! I did this shoot as a gift for my husband-to be. Next time I’d love to do a couples session if I could talk him into it. Otherwise, it would be for ME as a reminder that I’m still a baddie!

What do you want these photos to tell you about yourself in 20 years?
I was and still am a badass!

Are you a G&G Alumni? How has your life leveled up since your shoot?

We’d love to hear!! 

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