Real Boudoir Stories, Real Client Experiences—Mikey’s Michigan Boudoir Session Testimonial

"I'm taller & stronger.
I've got no time for B.S.!"

"I myself, usually come last. I think that's the norm when you have kids.

However, going into this new year, I'll be turning 50 in August, and I feel the need to live life."

"It's time to love life and actually enjoy it. A couple of years ago I really started putting together a bucket list of things to do, places to see, and new experiences to try...

So here we are—trying something new!

Feeling alive and feeling the strength I know I have!"

My photos make me feel empowered because I can see the strength back!

Sometimes we only see our strength and soft side when seeing it firsthand. This was completely out of my wheelhouse, but at the same time I felt very strongly that I NEEDED to do this.

My favorite photo... I'm in a tux shirt with tie and whiskey. It shows me! Business and fun...but not to be messed with.
It truly shows my personality. I love it!

One word that would describe my experience would be STRENGTH!

I lost sight of my strength. I have it back now.

If I feel like I am losing a part or I need it, I go back and look at my pictures. But I also remember the overall experience and why I have strength back!

I'm in control. I look at myself differently. I am strong and I am a force.


I'm taking better care of myself. I think about things but, I don't let anyone roll over me.

What do you feel you gained from this experience? Are you strutting your stuff? Do you feel this will have lasting effects for you?

My boudoir session in Kalamazoo has me standing taller!

I'm in it to win it now! You're either with me or you're not.

Since my session, I'm remembering to take time for me along with everything else, and that it is "okay" to put myself first! I needed to start saying YES to myself more.

“My favorite part of the whole GRIT&GRACE experience was doing the work! You don't realize how much you needed it until after the session. It stays with you!"

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience or takeaways?

Even if you feel like you can't do it or you're not sure... just do it and take it all in.
The payoff is fantastic!

Just believe in yourself. You are braver than you know!


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