Finding Your Moment of Zen in Hard Times | Pandemic Artist Series

Finding Your Moment of Zen {In Strange Times}

Well, what a time to be living, right? We are in the midst of something most of us have never lived through in our lifetime. The global Corona outbreak. 

Currently, we are self-quarantined in our house in San Diego which is pure torture for this extrovert. The dog and I have been having a lot of meaningful conversations. My partner and I already cook at home a lot, but there is even more of that going on. Hey! I suppose it’s a great opportunity to clear the freezer and pantry, right?!

After my first wave of panic and anxiety (which lasted several days, btw) as I’m canceling brand and boudoir sessions and refraining from booking anything for the coming few weeks {at the very least}, I hit a calmness as I chose to surrender. I know that feeling. I’ve done it before with big scary life-changing situations and I know things get A LOT easier on the other side of trying to control things that can’t be controlled or changed. There are things that are simply completely and totally out of my control and I have to accept that. 

BUT, there are also things that are within my control, including my thoughts and mindset, and that’s what I’m going to focus on at the moment. I can take the rare gift of being forced to slow down in our mach-speed world to look inward, look ahead, and take time to allow my mind to wander and think about things in a more thoughtful way. I can create a space to do so and not worry for about the outside forces that can push the walls in on me, even if it’s only for a small amount of time. 

You see, the only thing we are guaranteed in life is the PRESENT MOMENT. When you slow down and appreciate every aspect of that, it can grow an appreciation for something you’d otherwise just breeze past (as most of us do on a daily basis in our busy lives!). 

I’d love to hear how things are going for you and what may resonate with you in the list below. Please share in the comments below!

How are you slowing down during this time? 

Is there something positive that has surfaced for you during this time when our nonstop culture of go-go-go has been brought to a halt? 

Have you developed new routines or rituals that are interesting and inspiring? 

Have you strengthened bonds with the people in your life as you keep tabs on one another and seek human contact through alternate methods?

Is there something new you’ve learned how to do during this time? Did you pick up a new hobby or interest?

Has this experience fostered a new form of gratitude for the things that are most important in your life? 

Have you learned to live with less than you normally do? 

Has scarcity created the space to slow down and savor something you would not normally give much thought to? 

What has surprised you as a positive during a very complex and trying time for humanity?

Take note of what your household is doing differently from your normal hurriedness of everyday life. 
Is there something that lifts your spirits and brings you together? 
Is it something you can hold on to after this storm has passed? 

Again, it’s taken me a solid week to get to a point of surrender. I’ve dug back into my meditation practice to calm my mind and body. I’m getting back into my gratitude journal and ending each day with three moments or experiences I’m grateful for (if that feels daunting, try to start with just one!).

If we look for the brief glimpses of light in the darkness, we might be surprised at what we can find. 

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