The Time Is Now—Why You Should Book a Boudoir Session at Any Time in Your Life

The Time Is Now—Why You Should Book a Boudoir Session at Any Time in Your Life

If I had a dime for every woman who has expressed interest in a GRIT&GRACE Boudoir session but says she’s waiting for the “right time” I’d be sunning myself on a beach in the south of France instead of freezing my ass off in Michigan right now in the wintertime. It seems that every client is waiting for something—to reach a financial goal, to lose ten pounds, hell even to shave ten years off their age (well, wouldn’t that be nice?!). After shooting so many Boudoir clients, I’ve officially determined and am sharing with all of you that very best point in your life journey to do a Boudoir session is (wait for it…) NOW.

Maybe you’re celebrating something like a promotion, anniversary, or beating an illness that tried to tear you down. Perhaps you’re thinking of doing this just because it’s a Thursday afternoon and you feel like strutting your stuff and falling in love with yourself a little more. Or maybe you’re on a journey of self-exploration to find the woman you used to be before a broken relationship, body changes, or this damn pandemic depleted you. Whatever the reason, there will never be a better time than this very moment to capture the strong, powerful warrior you are.

Some clients visit my boudoir studio in Kalamazoo as they’re picking up the pieces and rebuilding after some of life’s hardest challenges. I’m always honored that these women trust me to photograph them when they’re feeling so vulnerable, as they’re looking to gain strength from our session on their journey of self-discovery. Some are crafting new lives after changing career paths, ending marriages, or experiencing the loss of a loved one. These women leave my studio feeling like they’ve taken a huge step in the rebuilding process and it’s amazing to see how they carry that confidence over to all aspects of life.

Other women are marking milestones like monumental birthdays, weddings, a new job, or the birth of a child. They invite me to share in their celebrations, and I get to watch them pose confidently for pictures that commemorate this unique moment in time. Let’s ring in your 30th, 40th or 50th birthday together! Hell, let me photograph you on your 80th! These pictures are for you to celebrate your body at ANY age because sexy knows no number. It comes from WITHIN. Feeling self-conscious about that c-section scar? It’s time to celebrate your body’s ability to carry and care for a child! Did you finally get that promotion? Trade in your power suit for your birthday suit! Even the smallest victories in life are worth celebrating, you are WORTHY, and NOW is the time to take this time for radical self-love!

During my time as a boudoir photographer, I’ve photographed so many amazing women (and men too!), each with their own stories and reasons for coming to me. I get to know them and what drives them towards this experience. Each story, like each person, is unique, but one things remains the same—I am always in awe of the badass babes I get to work with and am so grateful for our time together. I find myself relating to them no matter who they are and how they arrived here. I take a piece of each one of them with me on my own journey because each inspires ME in their special way! And although there may be 500 different reasons how they got here, they all leave feeling empowered, more confident, and a whole lot more badass when they walk out the door. 

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