How to Choose the Right Boudoir Photographer for Your Session

A truly successful Boudoir session is meant to be a vulnerable and transformative journey in a woman’s life. It can be a catalyst for some major self-discovery, so it’s crucial to find a photographer that’s a good fit for you. It can truly make or break your experience, which is why I am here to share some helpful tips.

How do you know if you’ve discovered your Boudoir soulmate? There are several things to look for to ensure you love every part of your experience and the resulting photos. 

Consider Their Experience

Let’s face it, everyone’s got a friend who’s a photographer, but you don’t want just anyone snapping photos of you in your skivvies—you want the best! First of all, consider your potential photographer’s background and experience. Have they spent their career photographing people? Have they been focused on landscapes or product photography? Looking at this experience could be helpful in making this important choice. 

In my career spanning over 15 years, I’ve photographed all kinds of people, all over the world. I started out in weddings, found joy in life documentary, and discovered my passion in Boudoir photography. Like the unique journey that brings you to my studio, my journey in photography is part of my story and both of our stories will reveal themselves in your photos. Shooting several hundred weddings, I photographed brides in their most vulnerable moments and made them look and feel like their most amazing self on their special day. I just LOVE photographing women so much!!

Take a Peek At Their Previous Work

Can’t find any? Ask! Or did you stumble upon their portfolio but it didn’t jive with your vision? That could be a major red flag. Take a long look at the galleries they post on their website, Facebook, and Instagram. If they have the right experience, their social media outlets will be brimming with pictures that speak to you. There is a phrase that I learned from my first mentor which is a photographer is only as strong as their weakest image. Consider shooting style, lighting, posing, composition, and editing because each plays an important role in your final pictures. 

I want potential clients to immediately get a sense of my work upon visiting my website and social media pages. You’ll see that I enjoy playing with light and shadows, that I love to incorporate props that represent something meaningful to my subjects, that I don’t over-edit a woman’s body to be anything it’s not, and most of all that a session in my studio is FUN! And that last point is incredibly important to me because I firmly believe that if you’re having fun, it loosens you up, we see the real you, and your photos reflect all of that back to you.

Consider Their Personality and Style

No two photographers are exactly alike and it is SO important that you vibe with their personality and style. You don’t have to mirror each another, in fact, opposites can often attract. However, you do want to think about whether or not they will give you a safe environment to be vulnerable and show up as the best version of yourself. The day can be a bit of an emotional journey, starting with nerves and ending with you strutting out like the beautiful, badass woman you are, but holding the space for the variety of emotions is important.

I work very hard to be my authentic self in every part of my life, including my work. In short, I’m a modern-day storyteller, a believer in Carpe Diem, and a true adventure seeker. I want people to embrace and love who they are and what makes them unique.

Whether or not my personality sounds like yours, I know that I can help you step outside of your comfort zone and jump start a journey toward self-care and self-love that leaves you filled with self-confidence like you’ve never known. I’m often told that people instantly feel comfortable with me. I’m an ENFP (Meyers-Briggs personality type), the most introverted of the extroverts, which helps me relate to so many different personality types. And more than anything, I love cheering you on throughout the process! I hope that when you leave your session, you feel loved and supported and continue to carry that with you in your everyday life. 

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