It’s All About the Bonus Sets!

It’s All About the Bonus Sets!

Did you know we offer SIX different studio bonus sets?!?

These bonus sets are available to purchase as add-ons to your session and a fun way to mix it up!

Please be aware that adding a bonus set does add additional time to your overall session.

Gimme the Details!

Signature GRIT&GRACE NOIR Set:

Make a BOLD statement with our Signature Black & White, high contrast GRIT&GRACE NOIR look. This is where it all began! Our boudoir studio in Grand Rapids offers lighting that delivers a fine art, fashion-oriented, old Hollywood, or bold empowerment vibe. 

Luxury Carmen Red Tulle Robe:

You’ve seen it many times! Client’s LOVE this luxurious robe because it makes them feel like royalty! It also offers a great Old Hollywood vintage vibe when we set it with our antique dressing table or Victorian settee!

Outdoor Set: (Seasonal / Weather Permitting)

Do you feel like getting in touch with Mother Nature? Sneak out to our tree line or get lost in the pines for some au natural shots!

GRIT&GRACE Shower Set:

 Sexy, Steamy, Mysterious boudoir shoot, and OH SO HOT!!

*Clothing optional 😉

Milk Bath Set: (Seasonal / Weather Permitting)

You see milk baths all over Pinterest and for good reason! They’re nourishing and beautiful. They are always a big hit and the perfect relaxing way to end your session!

Body Jewelry Set:

Choose between our Gold Chain Bra or our new Icicle Monroe piece dripping with crystals!

Ooooo La La!! Add a little sparkle and shine to your session! A wonderful option if you’re feeling daring. Talk about a way to accessorize! The Body Jewelry Set makes a dazzling combo with the GRIT&GRACE B&W set too!

Get the most out of your investment in yourself by taking advantage of pre-payment bonuses and financing through Klarna or Enhancify! Both are fantastic ways to maximize your experience and minimize stress. Yippee. We love it!! 

Head over to our Pinterest board to see more Bonus Set inspiration!

Are you ready to see your Bonus Set come to life?

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